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A Cautionary Tale: Going Into Business With Friends & Family

January 28, 2019

Some of you may be scoffing at the title saying, “Great, man…another DUH kernel from the popcorn bag of life…” To which I would say, that’s the worst metaphor I’ve heard in a long time; please leave writing to the writers 🙂
But seriously, if you’ve never been the victim of this, consider yourself lucky. And if you have, then you both can consider this a little reminder.

This is a super short little vlog/editorial just reminding you that the struggle is real and it almost happened to me with a friend of mine. Don’t worry, I’m fine but you should really check out this vlog. Bottom line: Be extremely careful when going into business with friends or family. I honestly avoid it where I can because it can potentially ruin the dynamic you have with them. …So on that note, enjoy the vlog…? The next one will be a little more uplifting…kinda.

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New Kid on the Block[Chain]

October 5, 2018

There’s a lot of hype surrounding blockchain. But before you start signing up for blockchain 101 consider this…

Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin. Blockchain… These words have garnered their fair share of both esteem and infamy. But are we really talking about when we use these words? What’s the correlation and (let’s be honest with ourselves), how can we use it to make money?!

Well, let’s take Blockchain. Essentially it’s just a database, albeit an ingenious and very popular one right now, that regularly updates -and continually reconciles- all information stored on it (files, spreadsheets, etc.) in real time (for lack of a better word). Two users (or more likely two million users) can be messing around – editing and changing information at the same time- with no loss or corruption of data. Which makes it ideal for keeping track of and implementing Cryptocurrencies like BitCoin.

And just like any new and interesting thing on the market that can be implemented in ways that potentially save or make millions of dollars , there are classes and courses sprouting up everywhere offering education and certification in Blockchain – makes sense right? Should you drop everything and learn Blockchain? Not necessarily…

To be clear, we are not taking anything away from Blockchain, it is an amazing database that has and will have some incredible applications. We just think you should consider all your options. And as for cryptocurrencies like BitCoin, we have some insight and friendly advice into that too. But that’s another post… in fact, this one…right here…

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Block[chain-chain-chain]chain of Fools -Sorry that was last one, I swear…

October 5, 2018

Chasing Tech Trends and Cryptocurrency Fraudsters.

You’ve heard the stories, no doubt; a friend of a friend, or maybe even your cousin (yeah, that one…) bought Bitcoin for pennies a couple of years ago and now they’re rich…like stupid rich… Then you turn on the TV and you see a bunch of twenty-somethings who took all the money, in what little savings they had, and just threw it at the bitcoin machine and BAM! Millionaires. Financial Companies on TV, newspapers or even YOUTUBE channels are recommending anywhere from a gentle toe-dipping to a full on swan-dive into the Crypto-Ocean…the CryptOcean? Or maybe riding the Cryto…CURRENT…cy? Okay, THAT was the last one, for real!

Of course, we all want to make money. We all want to be that person who had the insight, the investment know-how, that “gut-feeling” that paid off big time in the face of all the doubters and nay-sayers! Unfortunately, there are others out there that are literally “banking” on just that. In this video we want to touch on the possible pitfalls of chasing trends and the fraudsters that are waiting to take advantage of those who “get caught up in the nerd hype”.

Now just a quick heads up, we are not putting down cryptocurrencies, Cryptoinvestments or Blockchain, they are amazing databases, decentralized banking opportunities, etc… We just want to give you a little advice from our perspective. And it’s only a perspective, legally speaking, of course… We do not mean to give you financial advise or investment advice, let’s leave that to more qualified people, shall we?

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Complete Entrepreneur Course

July 27, 2018


I just released my Complete Entrepreneur course!


I started my first company when I was 18, with no money and no connections. I was able to reach financial independence after a YUGE amount of trial and error. This course will help you avoid common mistakes, and reach your goals in a fraction of the time.

The 3 elements of business success:

There are 3 basic skillsets you need, to be a successful entrepreneur:

  1. Core business skills
  2. Money management and financial skills
  3. Psychological skills

If you understand and follow these lessons, it’s almost guaranteed you will achieve a level of success that will probably surprise your friends, pets and family members.

Course structure:

Lessons come in video and mp3 format, so you can learn the way you want. I’ve also included a PDF outline of the lessons. Watch or listen to chapters in any order. The lessons follow the following structure for fast learning:

  1. Lesson summary
  2. The details and story behind the lesson
  3. Action plan (when it makes sense) – how to use the lesson in the real world


  1. The categories of business
  2. 10 business ideas
  3. How to pick your business
  4. Finding your niche
  5. How most rich people get rich
  6. Bootstrapped business vs raising money
  7. Stef’s Top 3 Business Truths
  8. Partners or no partners?
  9. Working at home vs working at an office
  10. Hiring people to work for you
  11. Buying equipment for your business
  12. Developing business workflows to increase profits and reduce headaches
  13. Long term money management
  14. How to bill clients, how to get paid
  15. Psychology of an entrepreneur
  16. Business Myths
  17. Principles of FYM

Check it out now.


Stefan Mischook

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