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Killer Video Library Upgrades!

March 1, 2013


I want to mention that we are busily working major upgrades to the killer video library, upgrades that will make it easier to find the videos you want to watch.

Click on the screen shots for full size images.

Screenshot #1 – The video player now supports iPad and iOS video playback.


Screenshot #2 – Each video category will now have their own page and the videos are sortable.


Screenshot #3 – Each video course will have its own page.


The updated Killer Video Library should be out within a week. We have two new courses due out soon as well … more on that later.


Stefan Mischook

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Happy New Year!

January 1, 2013


Just wishing everyone Happy New Year.

I believe 2013 will be good for HTML5, CSS3 and small business development on the Web. That means you will see a lot more training from KillerSites on these subjects this year.

What else do we have coming up?

I have a lot planned but if I had to pick the top three things:

  • Many new courses
  • A major update to the KillerSites Video Library
  • I will be releasing a new type/style of web design/programming training.

You will have to wait to hear the details!


Stefan Mischook

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Mini Video Tutorial Courses are on the Way!

December 14, 2012

As some of you may know, buried deep in the KillerSites Video Library, are dozens of videos and mini courses that teach all kinds of cool things like:

– Creating a Tag Cloud with PHP
– Form Validation with PHP & JavaScript
– Build a PHP Login with OOP and MVC
– CSS List & Navigation

… And there are more.

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KillerSites Library vs. KillerSites University

October 24, 2012


There is some confusion between the KillerSites Video Library vs. the KillerSites Interactive University, that I want to clear up. Once upon a time the Library was called the University … yes, a mistake. Anyway, here are the differences:

KillerSites Library:

Is our complete collection of video training courses – we have well over a 1500 videos on web design and web programming subjects. Not just a bunch of tips and tricks either, we have complete training so that you can learn to become a web designer or programmer from scratch. This is a subscription based service where you need to log in to view the videos.

Check it out: KillerSites Video Library

KillerSites Interactive University:

Is a collection of INTERACTIVE training videos where you watch a video (videos run 3-10 minutes each) and then are quizzed on it. Sometimes the quiz questions are code challenges (where you actually write code,) and other times it is good old multiple choice.

As you progress through the courses, your progress is scored and tracked just like a video game. As you do more courses, you scores add up and soon you have a profile where you can show that you’ve actually done the training! You can make that profile public or private, it is your choice.

The courses quizzes are half the learning value – code challenges make you think about what you just saw on video and writing out the code reinforces the information even more so. Try out the free courses:

KillerSites Interactive University

Thanks for reading,

Stefan Mischook

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