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Developer Jobs in 2022 – where’s the Opportunity?

June 20, 2022

Check out my video on developer jobs in 2022:

Here is a commentary from one of my viewers:

Dev Jobs in 2022 – Where’s the opportunity:

Great video! I really love your videos where you look at articles, analyze the article, and then explain everything. Great to know that there are more jobs out there than new coders. Again, nice video. This one really resonates.

Should You Learn Legacy to Code:

Just learned what legacy means, lol, so thanks for this. It is good to know about the fundamentals and concepts and that older code may be where most of the jobs are.

How Important SQL Databases:

Good to know that they are very important and I think this is what I am really going to learn in Advanced Python this semester. I know nothing about this… I like how you explain it as a relational database and the online store databases; storing them in boxes/tables. You have a gift for explaining things so a programming rookie can really understand. DbForge looks amazing!

The 5 Principles of Freelancing:

I really love how you push web work as that is where most of the work is and your videos are geared towards real life and real world situations in programming. I am curious as to how many lines of code are done on an average freelancing project for a client? Many small clients sound amazing and the number 5 sounds great too. This gives me hope as I am usually pretty independent and could see myself doing freelance work. A long way to go but thanks for planting the seed. Sounds like the music business regarding contracts… Although music contracts usually suck, lol.

The 5 Skills of a Web Developer 2022:

This is a great video and communication seems so key. I am wondering if people who aren’t natural coders have an easier time regarding communication. I had a lot of communication blocks talking to some of the coders as they couldn’t communicate. I noticed a lot of the real heavy computer programmers have a very hard time communicating and talking. For our final for Intro to Python most people were in fear of doing a live presentation hence why it was all done online… I like how you talk about the fundamentals when you had a gap in your knowledge regarding understanding the library. I just learned what refactoring is and that book looks awesome!! Design Patterns sound great and I don’t know much about this… Still a rookie… I really love how you put book recommendations in too.

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What is Best in Website Creation

December 7, 2018

These days we have many options when it comes to building websites, but which is the best way to build in 2018?

Let’s talk websites and the building thereof… So, you’re a small business owner or an aspiring website creator? Maybe you’re just interested in what goes into building a website. Well, there are many options and each has their PROs & CONs:

The traditional way to do web design coding, these would be the two “languages” you’d have to learn and they can (theoretically) build any type of website. “There is literally no limitations, in terms of what you could build if you got into the nuts & bolts: the basics of building a website.” However, the downside is that you’re going to have to learn it; that is to say time investment, theory, practice; all the stuff that goes into learning a skill. But that being said, you know how to program!

Web Design Programs
These can range from programs where you have to know a little bit of code (Dreamweaver, Brackets, etc.) to content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, down to easy site builders like WIX, for example. All are very different approaches (which we will touch on in the video) and vary in the amount of control you will likely have…

The key word here is control. As we go from straight up coding down the line, we lose flexibility and versatility; it goes from creating the very thing you see in your mind’s eye, to “what you see is what you get” on the building sites. And of course, that’s fine too. There’s nothing wrong or lazy with building a “wham-bam” website if that’s what fills your needs, but check out our video and you might get an idea of how to better fill those needs. And check out the links at the bottom if you’re curious about the aforementioned web design languages. Mastering the code of website creation does have it’s perks…

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Let It Flow: 5 Things that will Speed up your Web Workflow

October 30, 2018

Applies to web design and just about any type of programming too!


Let’s start off with a scary premise… You’re starting a project or maybe you’re knee deep in the middle of one and you just feel stuck, or trapped. You’ve become mired in details and trying to be a programming hero, and you feel like you’re going in all directions at once! You need a better way to manage your workflow, young padawan…

In this video we lay out 5 steps to speed up your workflow whether a web designer or a programmer you be! Without too many spoilers, I’ll give you a little taste of what I’m talking about with tip number 4: Get the UI in front of the client ASAP. You’d be surprised (or maybe you wouldn’t…) how many programmers and designers want to have this almost completed, work of DiVincian (yes that’s a word now) art to show the client. Nope, “You can mock all this up in HTML and you get the feedback from your client as quickly as possible.” Wouldn’t it suck to build something up and then have to change “…core behavior in your application because the client didn’t quite know what they wanted until they saw it?” Check out this video and free up some more time, money, and sanity for yourself.


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Software used in Learning Web Design and Building Websites

January 5, 2012

Hello Everyone!!

Once in a while I use an email conversation as a blog post – I get good questions from people all the time. So, in this email, someone wanted to know about software used in building web sites – check it out:

… This is the 60 thousand dollar question that no one I ask seems to be able to answer. What programs do you need to be a functioning professional web designer? (Adobe, Dreamweaver,etc.)

And do you know price ranges? I want to have the programs before I get the program so I can hit the ground running.


My answer:

Hi Steve,

The answer to the $60 000 question: You don’t need any!!!

Yep, once you start learning (video #1) you will see that you can build websites with a simple text editor like notepad!! Programs like Dreamweaver can speed up the process … but these days, they are far, far less important than they used to be.

In the first course of the Complete Web Designer package, I demonstrate building a site using notepad and textedit (for Mac people) … and I also include a free web design program that does a lot of what Dreamweaver does.

… You have many options.

Image Editors

In terms of editing images, there are cheap and free alternatives to Photoshop that will do everything you need – web image editing isn’t that complex. The Gimp and Aviary come to mind.

That said, we teach the techniques with Dreamweaver and Photoshop since they are the industry leaders. But the skills you learn there are 100% transferable to the free alternatives I mentioned.

… For the purpose of learning, just download the FREE 30 day trials of Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop … more than enough time to learn. Once you have the know how, you can jump to any of the free alternatives or go for the Adobe products.

I hope that helps,


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How to Easily Password Protect a Web Page?

May 10, 2011

question about web design


From a recent email sent to me:

Hi I am subscribed to Killersites University. I need to add a section on my website that members only can access with a password. Can you tell me where to look to learn how to do this?

Many thanks

There are a few ways to approach this and the way you choose depends on how complex this needs to be. Your options are:

– use php
– use htaccess
– use wordpress or another cms/blog engine .. it can do this for you.

In video library, you can look at:

Htaccess & Mod_Rewrite (4 Videos):


The WordPress section.


Learn basic PHP … The video section in the library is: Beginners PHP (16 Videos):

Another thing you should do is to post the question on the forum so others can jump in.

I hope that helps,


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Evolution of Web Design – Part 1

February 10, 2010


In the following video, I get into what web designers need to learn these days and how advances in web technology controls this.

Let me know what think .. is it too long, boring or just right?



Stefan Mischook

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CSS Page Layout Strategies

September 13, 2008

If you’ve been struggling with CSS based page layouts (as apposed to using tables) and you’ve been smacking your head against the wall to get things to work … believe me, you’re not the only one!

No, you’re not stupid … CSS for page layout is.

What?! CSS is flawed?

Indeed. CSS for page layout sucks hard because the logic behind CSS page layout is weak at best, and perhaps, even flawed. I can say this with experience in other languages like Java and even VB. Not that I am saying CSS is a programming language.

Anyway …

For web designers used to the craziness of CSS layouts, they would be flabbergasted at how easy creating layouts/views/screens are in VB or even Java when compared to CSS.

What’s the main problem with CSS?

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Web Designers are Not Icon Designers!

August 20, 2008

I recently got a call from someone wanting to know what I thought about various image editing programs in terms of their abilities to make buttons:


“Stef, what program do you think I should use to create buttons for my websites? One buddy tells me he likes Corel Draw and another guy is big on Adobe Fireworks. What do you use?”

My answer to this question is simple:

Web designers should not be making buttons.

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What is an organic website?

August 5, 2008


I just released another episode for the ‘Ask a Web Nerd’ show/podcast. This time around I explain what an organic website is, and how to create one.

Let me know what you think.


Stefan Mischook

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