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My Web Foundations Course completely free.

March 25, 2015


It’s good to try before you buy, so all our courses now have free videos you can watch. Of course, we do have a 7 day trial for any subscription … but nonetheless, you can now view dozens of free videos right away.

By the way, if you are totally new to web design, check out my Web Foundations course. And it’s completely free now!

Thanks for reading!

Stefan Mischook

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Web Foundations Part 3 – Domain Names

March 10, 2015


Just to let you know that I released Web Foundations part 3 (on Domain names) on Here is the link:

Domain Names

What this video covers:

– choosing a good domain.
– pricing domains.
– should you buy premium domains?

… And much more. Yes, a beginners subject … but remember this is part of the Web Foundations course. 🙂


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Web Foundations Part 2 – ready to watch

March 3, 2015


Part 2 of my new Web Foundations course is out – What is Web Hosting? Yes a basic topic, but I go into some detail that you might find interesting:

– hosting choices
– hosting cost
– Should you set up your own web hosting?

I hope you like it!

Stefan Mischook

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Why 10,000 Video Tutorials Suck!

January 25, 2015



I’ve been teaching web design and development since 2003, and I’ve seen all the trends over the years. The current trend in online education, is to flood people with thousands of videos, and claim that’s a great thing!

Thousands of videos on Netflix makes sense, but when it comes to learning web design and development, that sucks!

Why 10,000 video tutorials suck?

Let’s put in a nutshell:

The teacher, really has two jobs:

  1. Filter for the good stuff.
  2. To simplify.

So my job as web design and development teacher, is to concentrate on the important technologies (and to teach you WHY it’s important,) and to make things that are complex, simple.

… If I say that I have ‘thousands of videos to choose from’, I am basically saying that I am not doing 1/2 my job!

With that in mind, I’ve been culling/removing courses for years. I’ve retired countless videos that covered topics that were either no longer important because of the changes in the market (ex: Flash) or because new updated courses took their place.

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Learn Web Design at – it’s like Netflix for web designers!

January 5, 2015



I just wanted announce that my new web design training subscription service ( is live and ready to go. Start learning web design and development for free for 7 days … with no obligation.

Top 3 Reasons to join WebMentor:

1. Direct contact with the teachers – mainly me and Santo!
2. Our latest courses and classic courses updated for 2015.
3. Courses created by experienced web designers and teachers.

… Right now, you can lock in membership for $9.99/monthly or only $99 for the year!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Stefan Mischook

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Fullscreen Background Videos in Web Pages

September 7, 2014



Using video as the background for a webpage was once only a nerds dream – no more! Check out our new standalone video lesson on how to do this:

In this video, you learn about HTML5 and cutting edge CSS techniques. As long as you know basic HTML and CSS, you should be good to watch this video lesson. And yes, all the modern web browsers support this.

… At the same time, check out our new training site:


Stefan Mischook

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