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What Is A Web Professional In 2019?

July 2, 2019

Is it even worth becoming a “web professional” now and what does that even mean?

It can be strange how we categorize our positions and professions. For example, what one person would call a web developer, another would call a web designer. Then there are web programmers and specialties like “front end”, “full stack”, “back end” and “mid-thigh carver” ( I made that last one up, and yes, the last place I came from was the butcher’s…). So then what is a web professional?

And there are other questions, like is web development going to be obsolete with products like WEBFLOW and the like (products that will take away the need to code)?

With these titles and questions swirling around it can be very easy to throw up your hands and say what am I doing?! Is this even worth my time?!

The answer is: yes, yes it is and as far as ‘what is a web professional?’, well, that is a little more complicated…

First off, shameless plug: We offer kick-ass, detailed, and laboriously designed courses that will help to answer this question. So a web professional is kind of all these things combined in different ratios: designer, developer, front end, full stack, braised tenderloin ( I think I’m getting hungry…), etc, etc. Some devs may specialize in specific things (ex: back end or client side whatever), but it’s all in there. Hodge-podge is not necessarily the right word, but it’s the first word that comes to mind…

And how do you, as a web professional, ensure you know all these things or have a passable knowledge/experience with them? You learn. Either from having “been around the block” or by taking our course <another shameless plug, I know!>… But seriously, web development or whatever you want to call yourself is not going anywhere, in fact if the rate at which things are becoming more and more technological keeps growing, we’re going to need more and more devs at all kinds of different strengths and experiences.

Check out the vlog for a way more detailed and in depth explanation of this subject and quick side dig at RUBY…

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What is Best in Website Creation

December 7, 2018

These days we have many options when it comes to building websites, but which is the best way to build in 2018?

Let’s talk websites and the building thereof… So, you’re a small business owner or an aspiring website creator? Maybe you’re just interested in what goes into building a website. Well, there are many options and each has their PROs & CONs:

The traditional way to do web design coding, these would be the two “languages” you’d have to learn and they can (theoretically) build any type of website. “There is literally no limitations, in terms of what you could build if you got into the nuts & bolts: the basics of building a website.” However, the downside is that you’re going to have to learn it; that is to say time investment, theory, practice; all the stuff that goes into learning a skill. But that being said, you know how to program!

Web Design Programs
These can range from programs where you have to know a little bit of code (Dreamweaver, Brackets, etc.) to content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, down to easy site builders like WIX, for example. All are very different approaches (which we will touch on in the video) and vary in the amount of control you will likely have…

The key word here is control. As we go from straight up coding down the line, we lose flexibility and versatility; it goes from creating the very thing you see in your mind’s eye, to “what you see is what you get” on the building sites. And of course, that’s fine too. There’s nothing wrong or lazy with building a “wham-bam” website if that’s what fills your needs, but check out our video and you might get an idea of how to better fill those needs. And check out the links at the bottom if you’re curious about the aforementioned web design languages. Mastering the code of website creation does have it’s perks…

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New Dreamweaver CS6 Video Tutorial

October 24, 2012


I just wanted to announce our new Beginners Dreamweaver CS6 video tutorial course is out! This is a really big one too!

Video Highlights:

Create a COMPLETE website using HTML5 and CSS3
Learn the new Dreamweaver CS6 Workspace
Get comfortable with CSS3 Transitions
Learn about responsive designs
Cover the basics of HTML: Text, Links, Images, Lists, and Forms
Cover the basics of CSS: ID and Class selectors
Learn all about website layout and typograpy

Total running time: 10 hours 56 minutes!

Check it out on the new



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Learn a CMS or Learn Dreamweaver?

June 15, 2012

Hey everybody!

Recently someone asked whether they should learn Dreamweaver OR whether should they jump into a CMS like Joomla or WordPress.

What is a CMS?

CMS is short for Content Management System, and are web based programs that you upload to the server and they provide word-processor like capabilities to your website – and much, much more.

To make an analogy: you can think of a CMS as being a restaurant buffet, where you have many prepared dishes to choose from, that you can use to create your meal. Where Dreamweaver is like an electric appliance, that helps you create a meal from scratch.

You can learn more about it here:

… The above link points to an older blog post, but it is still good.

Anyway, the core of this person’s questions, comes down to skill-set choices and choosing the best technologies to be able to:

1. Get the most work as a web designer.
2. And to be able to build the best websites.

Here is my answer:

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New WordPress 3.x Videos out and on the Way.

December 4, 2010

We have the following WordPress videos coming out, which are based on the current version – WordPress 3.0.2:

– Custom Taxonomies in WordPress
– Working With Custom Post Types in WordPress

… Both can be found on the Killersites video tutorial subscription service.

WordPress and Dreamweaver CS5

We should have a the first free sample videos out this coming week from a new series that teaches people how to work with WordPress via Dreamweaver CS5.

… This latest version of Dreamweaver, has a bunch of tools specifically for use with WordPress. Our video course will not only teach you Dreamweaver’s WordPress tools, you will also learn a lot about WordPress theme creation along the way.


Stefan Mischook

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CSS Layouts Video Tutorial Series – Introduction

May 29, 2010


I just wanted to announced that I have just released our new video course on CSS layouts. It is a 13 part series where you will learn both fixed layout and liquid layout using modern CSS techniques.

As an added bonus, you will also be learning a little about Dreamweaver CS5 since all the demos are done in the new Dreamweaver.

Check out the intro video (watch it in 720p and fullscreen):

I will be releasing more samples from the course on my blogs but you can get the whole course through our video tutorial subscription service.

Thanks for reading.

Stefan Mischook

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Video on Dreamweaver CS4 Basics – A look at built in templates

March 15, 2010


Dreamweaver has a collection of web design templates to make the web design process much easier – all the funky cross browser CSS issues have already been solved in the provided templates.

Check out the video:

Of course, the complete set of Dreamweaver videos (and a lot more) can all be viewed by joining our video subscription service.

Stefan Mischook

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Dreamweaver CS4 Basics – Linking to sound and video.

March 12, 2010


Yet another Dreamweaver CS4 video … this time on inserting links into web pages. Along the way, we also learn a few other things.

The video:

I have several other Dreamweaver CS4 videos coming out soon. Watch in HD and fullscreen to get the best video and sound quality.

Stefan Mischook

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