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Channel News and the Multitasking Fallacy.

August 9, 2019

In safety news today, we regret to inform you that our ‘code on the go’ segment: where we drive around and talk about coding/tech and give our opinion will no longer be done in the car. I know, I know, but driving requires attention and concentration coupled with the ability to react to danger in a split second, and I just don’t think I can do that while delivering a deep dive into coding and insulting ‘Ruby’ at the same time…

Going forward there will still be a ‘travel’ component, where I show you parts of the city or nice scenic views but that will either be at the beginning of the VLOG and then we’ll go into deep dives, or maybe it’ll be more of a ‘walk n’ talk’, I haven’t decided yet…
Which brings me to my next point; multitasking is a lie. There I said it. Think about it. When have you ever been able to do two things at once and finish both of them quickly and efficiently? Or to put it another way, “…our brains cannot multitask: they can focus on one thing, and then they focus on something else… that’s why if you want to be maximum productive in what you do, do one thing and finish it and then you move on to the other thing.” Studies have shown that taking on two tasks or projects at the same time has been shown to actually reduce your output and efficiency. “There’s not such thing as multitasking with human brains. …Our brains cannot multitask: they focus on one thing, then they focus on something else. That’s why if you want to be maximum productive, …you do one thing and then you finish it and then you move onto the other thing. If you’re trying to do two projects at the same time you’re actually reducing your output by quite a bit. …There’s a start-up time, there’s a spin-up time; let’s say you’re focused on talking about subject A and then you want to go to coding for an hour and you’re going to go back to talking about something else…the time it takes you to spin-up into coding mode…typically it’s ten/fifteen minutes, especially if you’re dealing with complex application development. …When you’re switching from one area to the next, there’s a loss of productivity with every switch, so multitasking doesn’t actually happen”.

There you have it. Now, obviously the VLOG will go into better detail about multitasking and you can hear the channel news straight from the source, so check it out.

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Killersites Web Designer Directory

April 25, 2006

As you may know, one of the hardest things about getting your websites to appear in the search engines, is actually getting noticed by the search engines in the first place! If they don’t know you even exist …

To solve this problem, the best thing to do, is to get your site listed on a website that already is visited by Google or Yahoo etc …


One way to do this is with link exchanges. Another is by submitting your website to a directory. The problem is that good directories (that get visited a lot,) usually take their time to list new websites, or you have to pay.

For example: Yahoo! cost about $295 just for them to consider your site – there is no guarantee they will even accept you!

To make a long story short, has a brand (spanking) new web designers directory. If you have a website and you are looking for web design contracts and exposure to the search engines, now is the time to get your website listed since it is FREE … for now.

Web Design Firms Directory

I will at some point, stop accepting free listings because each entry has to be validated by human eyes … that takes time! To be clear, if you list your site now, it’s free. It will also always be free, for that level, for you guys and gals.

I have an article comparing AJAX (the hot new name for a type of JavaScript programming,) and FLASH. There is some collision between the two, and it is an interesting read to see how these technologies compare.

This will be out within the next few days.


Stefan Mischook

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