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Stefan Mischook


My name is Stefan Mischook and I’ve been building web sites since 1994.

… This was at a time when frightened nerds we’re pondering the possibility that the Web might one day become a commercial place! Things have changed a lot since then.

Over the last decade or so, I’ve managed to miss out on all the big Web bubbles (sniff) but I’ve had fun building web sites and web applications while learning 8-9 programming languages.

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What will you find on Killersite’s blog?

  • Web design tips, articles and tutorials.
  • Video tips and tutorials.
  • My criticisms of mainstream thinking about web design and web application development.
  • Podcast: mp3’s of me yapping about things related to web design.
  • Newsletter archives
  • Probably a bunch of other stuff too.

What you won’t find on the blog:

  • Talk about how my cat is doing.
  • Other misc. rants that should don’t have anything to do with the Web.


Stefan Mischook (The Web Design Heretic)