Beginners Web Design: With Stefan Mischook

Learn to build modern modern Web sites with HTML and CSS. Tutorials, video courses, articles, and much more!

My Web Design courses are designed to teach total beginners how to build modern websites from scratch

What makes my video courses and tutorials stand out?

  • 1. Simple

    Simple: I use easy to understand English, instead of the nerd-jargon that you typically see in books and videos.

    Kids as young as 10 and retired persons in their 80s are now building web sites because of my web design tutorials. I'm sure you can too!

  • 2. Practical

    I leverage my 20 yrs experience as a web designer to help me filter out all the rarely used things found in web design. I teach only practical web design skills and techniques and leave the academic blather to others.

    ... You see, the languages of web design (HTML and CSS) are like any other written language, where in everyday life, we only use a very small fraction of the words available.

  • 3. Concise

    The shortest distance between two points is a straight line - I draw that straight line for you in web design!

    By steering clear of long-winded discussions and useless nerd-theory and yammering ... you will be amazed at how fast you will progress.

These tutorials and video courses will teach you cutting edge web design. No fluff, to the point practical training, designed to make a web designer out of you as quickly as possible!

Great for total beginners who don't understand anything about HTML, CSS and web design. Also great for users who want to learn what's going on behind the scenes ... for people who want to become much better at web design.

Why do I sell my video courses for so cheap?

I am convinced that you will enjoy my teaching style so much, that you will be a loyal visitor/customer of Besides, I figure beginners may need a little break financially ... so why not!

Why should you buy these videos?

  • Learn cutting-edge web design techniques with HTML and CSS.
  • Avoid hours and days of frustration - my courses makes web design easy.
  • BEST SELLERS - just read some of the testimonials!
  • Support - We are there for you, contact us if you have any questions.

Web Design Tutorials

Take a look at my tutorial websites completely dedicated to Web Design:

  • How To Build Websites: The easiest web design tutorial on the web. Only eight simple lessions, and you will be designing websites in no time!

  • CSS Tutorials: You've come to the right place to learn CSS. My tutorials on web design & CSS makes learning this stuff fun and easy - you will be up and running in no time because it ain't that hard!

Web Design Video Courses

  • Interactive Web Developer
    A career building course package that easily guide you from total beginner to becoming a productive web designer and developer.
    learn more
  • Beginners Web Design
    Learn to build modern Web sites with HTML and CSS. Over five hours of video tutorials for total beginners.
    learn more
  • CSS Layouts
    A hands on crash course on building web sites using pure CSS techniques.
    learn more
  • HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery
    HTML5 and CSS3 will eventually become the new standard of web design and development. It has tons of rich features which allows you to make beautiful looking web pages. Learn how to use HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery
    learn more

Web Design Articles

Over the years I've written a few articles on Web Design that have become pretty popular on the Web. So I figured it made sense to include links to them here. I hope you find them useful.

Get Help

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