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The Python Programming Deception?

February 22, 2019

Is Python really that much better than C#, Java or JavaScript, when it comes to jobs and what you can create as a python developer?

I think you really need to watch the vlog to put this into proper context…
We received an email that pointed out an interesting idiosyncrasy when it comes to learning programming languages. Long story short, it was pointed out that while python was a great language to learn, there are not many jobs (outside of AI) that actually use python today, thus making it harder to enter the job market. With so many other languages being used for other purposes, for example,  games: C++/C# for games, and for native app development there’s swift/java/kotlin, to name a few, it doesn’t seem to be worthwhile to learn python if you want to get right into work…

Okay, now before we go any further, I strongly urge you to watch the video for context, I don’t want to start a nerd war; there are far better uses of our time…
That being said, for the most part, “there’s a lot of truth to that. Python is the go-to language in AI/machine learning and it’s the second [or] tertiary language…in many other areas.” The email goes on to conclude that “learning webstack is the best way to getting employed quickly.” I can’t argue with that, but where does that leave us with python?

“Python is a great language, it’s a language that glues everything together. If you’re working in large organizations, you might find the need for python. …A lot of schools teach with python now…because it is an easier language to teach people how to program with. …It’s accessible…Productivity of the language, in terms of how long it takes you to write things is a huge factor today, when you’re looking at programming languages…” But if you’re out to get employed right away then maybe webstack is the best thing for you. However, if you find yourself struggling and maybe you’ve had problems with other languages, python could be a great way to connect the missing pieces and streamline it all. The job opportunities will be less, not zero but less, unless you have a relevant university degree. Full transparency, yes, I do offer Python course but they teach foundations, modules, programming, etc. “…it’s just a vehicle to teach certain programming concepts and mechanisms.”  I feel like the best way explain this is to watch the vlog, it really puts the things I’m saying here into perspective. Plus, at the end of the vlog, I look outside only to find February hasn’t left yet…jeez, get a clue, man! Enjoy!

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Picking the Perfect Programming Language in 2019

January 10, 2019

Hello, Salute and Hola! Let’s talk about languages, specifically programming languages…
I often get a lot of emails and messages (Yeah, I’m kind of a big deal…lol.), and one of the main questions is what is the best programming language for me to start out with, or what would the perfect programming language be?

Short Answer: There’s no such thing. Pick a language and let’s rock n’ roll. If you’ve seen any of my videos, I’ve broached this subject before and I think, “there’s really no number one language. This is a fantasy, an illusion (WILL saves – BOOM; old school DnD reference.) that beginners would be interested in because at the end of the day, the language that’s going to be number one depends on the type of work you’re going to do, depends on where you live, depends on the type of programming you want to do…”.

Long Answer: “The first step is to learn the fundamentals – Pick a language; pick python, pick JavaScript, pick Java PHP, …pick that language and learn your fundamentals. Once you have your fundamentals, you’re going to have your nerd eyes – you’re going to be able to interpret and see and understand what you’re seeing out there.”
“First rule of programming: You don’t lose if you learn a language…All the modern languages share a lot of the same fundamentals, qualities and characteristics…”. Think of it like this: you’re 10 yrs. old in your parents basement playing super mario bros. on your nintendo ( please don’t sue, nintendo.). Then your older brother or sister enters and pops in super mario 2! At first, you’re a little trepidatious – different levels, different enemies – but after 3o seconds you’re back in saddle as you realize it’s still the same game – jump, jump, beat the boss, / next level: jump, jump, warpzone, / jump, jump, beat the final boss, finish the game, grab a pizza pocket and a soda, go to your room and air guitar to the RUSH album you stole from your brother’s room <the 80’s were a simpler time, yung’unns>.

Of course we’re going to go into more depth in the video <plus another RUBY zing :)>. But know that’s there’s really no one perfect programming language. Get out there, learn your craft, and you’ll always have the tools you need!

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The More You Learn, The More You Earn! How Much Money do Developers Make?

December 18, 2018

…Fair warning: this may get a little depressing but it’s worth it; promise…

Chances are at one point or another you’ve felt the itch. That feeling of wanting a change of [job] scenery, maybe even a new career path. Some of us grab opportunity by the horns and just make that switch, others make a more calculated move that usually involves taking some courses, making some phone calls and waiting for the right time to jump and land on the “terra-firma” of a new career.

Much to the utter amazement of the last group of us who unfortunately feel like there’s no chance; maybe we feel like we’re under-educated, maybe our present job has sucked all the motivation out of us or maybe we’re just scared to fail and fall behind on payments (mortgage,bills,etc.).

I’d imagine the issue becomes especially worse when you’re looking into technology jobs, like a software developer. Our insecurities about our own skill and ability to learn can be almost crippling. We may even ask ourselves what are real benefits of investing myself in this field? Not to mention the time/energy commitment and how much money are we really going to make?

Short (and admittedly somewhat vague) answer: lots of things. But right after job satisfaction, let’s face it: it’s money. How much will do I stand to make? Check out this video and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised…

Also, if you’re wondering how stable a software development job is, check out this page.
The good news is, the more time you invest in learning new skills and competencies, the more money you can charge knowing that you are fully worth that amount <the more you learn, the more you earn>. So get out there and absorb all the knowledge you can. It may take time, it may take more energy than you thought, but it’s worth it and so are you!

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Python even MORE popular in 2018

July 30, 2018

I keep reading article after article and survey after survey, on how Python keeps growing in popularity as a programming language. So, why is that the case? And, should you learn Python?

Let’s start off with some of the reasons why Python is popular:

  1. Python is easy to learn.
  2. Python is used in a wide variety of applications.
  3. Python is easy to program with, yet very powerful.
  4. Python code can be written a few styles, including OOP and functionally.
  5. Python has a HUGE set of libraries/modules that can be dropped into your Python programs, speeding up the development process.

A few comments:

Python’s core strength, is that it’s a general purpose language. As such, it is used in many different fields, such as: Ai and machine learning, server automation, web development, data sciences and more. This flexibility of use in the real-world, is a key reason why Python’s popularity keeps growing.

Should you learn Python?

Short answer: Yes. You have nothing to loose, and everything to gain learning Python. It’s a great first programming language, given Python code is so easy to read. Yet Python still can express pretty advanced programming concepts relatively easily.

… For those of you who don’t know how to code yet, many of the programming concepts and techniques you find in Python, you will also find in many other languages like JavaScript, Java, C++, C#, Kotlin, PHP, Ruby, Swift and many others. So in effect, when you learn Python, you will be learning much about just about every modern programming language!

How about Python jobs?

There are lots of Python jobs, and in many fields. So having Python as tool in your nerd-toolbelt, will just make getting well paying jobs that much easier.


I teach a few languages, and have written commercial code in 9 programming languages. There is a reason I choose Python as one of only 3 programming the languages I teach.

If you like to learn quickly, then you will love how easily and quickly you will learn Python with my popular Python course.

Stefan Mischook

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Python Career Paths in 2018

September 28, 2017

Python is one of the most popular programming languages used today because of its’ simple syntax, and because it is a general purpose programming language. You see Python used in many areas:

  • Web app development
  • Ai and ML (machine learning)
  • Server operations
  • Data sciences
  • Robotics

New programmers have many choices in terms of Python programming careers. But Python alone is not enough for most of these career options, they all require supporting skills. For example, if you wanted to get into web development with Python, besides having to learn a Python web framework like Django or Flask, you will need to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

… The good thing is that learning the web languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript,) will be pretty easy for properly trained Python programmers.

Each of the above mentioned Python specializations (Ai, web development, data sciences etc …) all require different skills, and so each has their own career path to follow.

I cover these career paths and provide a step-by-step guide in my Python course that takes total beginners, and makes them into Python programmers. My students love the course.

Stefan Mischook

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Learning PHP more Easily by Learning Python … what!?

September 27, 2017

PHP is probably the best web app development language out there today for a bunch of reason technical, and market oriented. But it’s not the only language out there and it doesn’t have a monopoly of good programming.

Comparing Programming Languages

An important lessons that my 20+ years of programming experience has taught me, is that one of the best ways to learn one programming language, is to learn another! By learning different programming languages, you will start to gain deeper insights about your first programming language.

You can read the rest on killerphp.


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Python 3 Course for College – for the 2017-18 school year

May 26, 2017

I am excited to announce our upcoming Python course: Powerful Python 3.

A beginners course covering Python 3, students go from an absolute neophyte, to having a working knowledge of object oriented Python.  Course is based on Python 3.6.

StudioWeb course details:

In addition to a set of comprehensive and engaging videos, Power Python 3 will include quizzing, code challenges, and gamification that is provided by the StudioWeb app. Your students will learn Python easily, and they will have fun too!

Each video lesson is supported by 4-5 quiz questions, that are made up of both code challenges and multiple choice questions. All our courses leverage the recursive spiral teaching method that helps us to achieve great outcomes with students.

Professor’s Dream:

From a professor’s perspective, StudioWeb provides classroom automation tools that makes it effortless to manage multiple classrooms. In fact, we have many teachers who simply take on the role of classroom facilitator. StudioWeb does the teaching!

At the time of this writing, we are just finalizing the course in terms of the range of topics covered, from the basics to OOP … I will include the table of contents at the bottom of this post. Thus far 50 lessons are complete. The course should have ~55 lessons.

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Python Programming Certification

March 4, 2017

Coming for summer 2017, StudioWeb will be offering a Python certification course. Like all our certificates, it is a two stage process to be StudioWeb certified:

  1. Students must successfully pass the StudioWeb Python course.
  2. Upon passing, students are eligible to take the Python Certification exam.

Printable certificates with unique verifiable IDs, will be issued to those passing the certification exam. Certificate IDs are unique to the certificate and are verifiable live against our StudioWeb certificate database.


Stefan Mischook

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Python Course for College Students

February 27, 2017

Our new course ‘Powerful Python 3’ will be out soon!

This is a brand new course that teaches Python 3.6, and is aimed at total beginners to programming. It’s a great course for first year computer science students and other learners.

Not just any Python course, it’s a StudioWeb Python course!

StudioWeb’s courses are unique in many ways, but at the end of the day, all that matters is the exceptional results we achieve.

StudioWeb’s Python course has the same easy to understand and fun video lessons (created by a published author, and highly experienced educator) that are found in all our courses. The videos combined with a our unique quizzing and code challenges, set in a gamified learning environment, promotes student engagement and amazing retention.

… Your students will quickly learn key programming concepts and techniques, that will allow them to explore computer science with a solid foundation.

Besides teaching the basics of programming:

  • Variables, collection types in Python
  • Data types and type conversion
  • Functions, modules
  • Object oriented programming techniques and principles

… Students will be exposed best coding practices, tools that developers use, working with Python on different OS’ and Python’s place in the programming world. So StudioWeb’s ‘Powerful Python 3’ goes way beyond your typical Python course!

Sample Python video lesson: drawing with Python:

The following video lesson from Powerful Python 3, teaches students how to use conditional statements and a loop, to animate with the Python Turtle module:

Powerful Python 3 will be released in April 2017. Like all StudioWeb courses, Powerful Python 3 will come with hours of fine grained video lessons, comprehensive code challenges and quizzing, suggested classroom activities, powerfully accurate auto-grading, and real time student activity tracking.

If you would like to check out the video lessons before we release the course, please feel free to contact me.

Stefan Mischook

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