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What Is A Web Professional In 2019?

July 2, 2019

Is it even worth becoming a “web professional” now and what does that even mean?

It can be strange how we categorize our positions and professions. For example, what one person would call a web developer, another would call a web designer. Then there are web programmers and specialties like “front end”, “full stack”, “back end” and “mid-thigh carver” ( I made that last one up, and yes, the last place I came from was the butcher’s…). So then what is a web professional?

And there are other questions, like is web development going to be obsolete with products like WEBFLOW and the like (products that will take away the need to code)?

With these titles and questions swirling around it can be very easy to throw up your hands and say what am I doing?! Is this even worth my time?!

The answer is: yes, yes it is and as far as ‘what is a web professional?’, well, that is a little more complicated…

First off, shameless plug: We offer kick-ass, detailed, and laboriously designed courses that will help to answer this question. So a web professional is kind of all these things combined in different ratios: designer, developer, front end, full stack, braised tenderloin ( I think I’m getting hungry…), etc, etc. Some devs may specialize in specific things (ex: back end or client side whatever), but it’s all in there. Hodge-podge is not necessarily the right word, but it’s the first word that comes to mind…

And how do you, as a web professional, ensure you know all these things or have a passable knowledge/experience with them? You learn. Either from having “been around the block” or by taking our course <another shameless plug, I know!>… But seriously, web development or whatever you want to call yourself is not going anywhere, in fact if the rate at which things are becoming more and more technological keeps growing, we’re going to need more and more devs at all kinds of different strengths and experiences.

Check out the vlog for a way more detailed and in depth explanation of this subject and quick side dig at RUBY…

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