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Should You Learn Rust and Web Assembly (Wasm)?

June 19, 2019

Should you learn it now or is Rust and Wasm an amusing diversion?

Alright so I’m not gonna lie, when I read “RUST”, the first thing that came to my mind was some kinda terrible alternative rock band from an even more terrible ROM-COM movie where the guy is like this pseudo tortured soul that looks like a Kurt Cobain knock-off and he’s so cynical and a drunk, but a “hollywood” drunk and not a serious one, cuz he’s still gotta be attractive to the ladies and he meets one of the bartenders (new hire), at the bar they play at and they start a casual, friendly relationship but it starts to become something more and he can’t get his act together cuz he’s been hurt and he’s scared so he drinks and ultimately chases the bartender away but one night he gets really drunk onstage and improvises a song where he basically uses all the most played out and cheesy mellow-dramatic cliches and everyone loves it and RUST have their first hit and they become famous and some more sophomoric crap happens and they end up getting together because love conquers all and he sings the bartender an acoustic version the infamous song but it has a whole new meaning now and they kiss and roll credits. Oh, and the movie is called “(t)RUST”…


“Rust and Web Assembly (wasm) allows you to write ultra-performing browser-based applications, because it basically compiles your code down to a binary format which all the major browsers today can run; so then it’s much faster than browsers reading JAVAscript code.”
Rust is the programming language, and Wasm is a binary format that basically allows you to write super fast performing client-side code. But with all the other languages and frameworks out there, is it worth your time or just a fun distraction?

Well, “you would only really use this when you have client-side applications (meaning in web-browser applications), in web-browser processing that has to be done that is a little slow with JAVAscript. So it’s a pretty niche tech in my opinion…” Most people have computers that can handle the processing needs of most web apps when it comes to JAVAscript processing, so it sounds more like a fun distraction. “…maybe do a ‘hello world’ just to see what it’s about, understand the ecosystem, …where RUST and web assembly might come in handy”… so if you ever run across that situation where you need it, you can use it, but “it’s pretty niche, it has it’s uses and consider it a secondary thing: a tool that you have in your tool belt that you can pull out at the right time”. And as a general rule, people are going to have different opinions and that’s fine too.

Checkout the rest of the vlog for a more articulate explanation and stick around til the end to see a boat on the water from what looks like a scene right out of the (straight to DVD) movie: ‘(t)RUST’. I think I have a script to write…

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