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Developer Jobs in 2022 – where’s the Opportunity?

June 20, 2022

Check out my video on developer jobs in 2022:

Here is a commentary from one of my viewers:

Dev Jobs in 2022 – Where’s the opportunity:

Great video! I really love your videos where you look at articles, analyze the article, and then explain everything. Great to know that there are more jobs out there than new coders. Again, nice video. This one really resonates.

Should You Learn Legacy to Code:

Just learned what legacy means, lol, so thanks for this. It is good to know about the fundamentals and concepts and that older code may be where most of the jobs are.

How Important SQL Databases:

Good to know that they are very important and I think this is what I am really going to learn in Advanced Python this semester. I know nothing about this… I like how you explain it as a relational database and the online store databases; storing them in boxes/tables. You have a gift for explaining things so a programming rookie can really understand. DbForge looks amazing!

The 5 Principles of Freelancing:

I really love how you push web work as that is where most of the work is and your videos are geared towards real life and real world situations in programming. I am curious as to how many lines of code are done on an average freelancing project for a client? Many small clients sound amazing and the number 5 sounds great too. This gives me hope as I am usually pretty independent and could see myself doing freelance work. A long way to go but thanks for planting the seed. Sounds like the music business regarding contracts… Although music contracts usually suck, lol.

The 5 Skills of a Web Developer 2022:

This is a great video and communication seems so key. I am wondering if people who aren’t natural coders have an easier time regarding communication. I had a lot of communication blocks talking to some of the coders as they couldn’t communicate. I noticed a lot of the real heavy computer programmers have a very hard time communicating and talking. For our final for Intro to Python most people were in fear of doing a live presentation hence why it was all done online… I like how you talk about the fundamentals when you had a gap in your knowledge regarding understanding the library. I just learned what refactoring is and that book looks awesome!! Design Patterns sound great and I don’t know much about this… Still a rookie… I really love how you put book recommendations in too.