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Learning to Code? DO THIS!

June 20, 2022

Here are tips when learning to code:

Comments from a viewer:

Hi Stefan,

I just finished my Intro To Python Course at college and finally have been able to watch your videos and here are my comments below. Great videos! I also created a Music GUI in Python for my final project and I will attach the YouTube link below. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. If not, no worries. I am taking Advanced Python which is a 2 month summer course. I am either going to sign up for your course in the next few weeks or right after the Advanced Python course as it ends in early August. I find this Intro to Python course I just finished was the hardest course I have ever taken and was equivalent to like 4-5 regular college classes for me.

Brant Python Final Music GUI Python:

Fastest Way to Learn Pro Code:

Great to know that most of the learning is on the job. That is why I need a job… I have done one project but need to get a website up and running and just jump in and go for it. I learned so much doing the MUSIC GUI Python project I came up with. Need to get in THE RING. That may be one of your best lines. I love that!!

Freelancer Skill Set is Different:

Sounds like I have a lot to learn to become a freelancer. Good video. Thanks!

Nerds vs Suits:

This sounds like a great song title!! I like how you talk about improving one’s interpersonal skills. I like your line about having self control. I found some of the tutors at the college I was at and some of the other students who were real computer nerds could not explain concepts to me in a way to understand it; meaning describing it in a way that’s not technical. I felt like I was dealing with people who literally are computers and not humans, lol. I feel coming at this as being a musician I have a non technical way of describing the technical things learned and noticed there was a real communication barrier sometimes with the teacher and tutor I would see. I like your videos a lot as you explain things in such a way that anyone can understand. 

Escaping Tutorial Hell:

It is nice to know that we will never know 5 percent of what is out there. Concentrating on the fundamentals: I think I am going to write that phrase on a sticky tab and put it on my computer. That gives me a boost of confidence. Thanks!

How to get your first coding job:

Sounds like it is all about the fundamentals. NERD EYES! Love that term!! This is helping me with which direction I want to go. Thanks for this!! Your videos are really helping with direction. I currently feel lost after finishing the Intro to Python Course; where I am going…

PHP Have Messy Code:

Cool video, but I don’t know what PHP is, lol.

Coders Fast with Caution:

Love this video and one of your most unique videos! Sorry to hear about your brain fog.

Coder Life Live-Stream:

I like your Jazz intros a lot to the Live Streams and the ocean views! Sounds like just going for it to get real world skills and or a job whatever it is, is crucial. This is very inspiring.

Enough Skills for job $60k as Developer:

The depth of the skills and ability. Love this quote from you!! I am learning a lot from all of your videos. REAL practical work; Love this line too.

All Web Developers Should Learn:

Very fascinating that it is all about the Strings. I didn’t know this. 

What to Learn Along with Code:

I really like how you talk about really finding out what one’s goals are. Sounds like the goal is the foundation that everything else is built upon. I also like how you say degrees aren’t needed. I am running into a lot of people telling me I need the degree and I don’t really agree with them… Great to hear this!! This is my favorite video so far.

How Coders Should Analyze and Solve Problems:

Love the Nirvana Record! Great idea with writing concisely to communicate better. 

Can Developers Earn as the Learn:

Very motivating here. I really like when you talk about illusions and you don’t need to know everything. I feel since I am new and after taking this Python College course and getting slammed with theory, I am trying to understand what I am really going to need to know… How it will translate… This video really helps. Nice Miles Davis!! Love the Steely Dan record too!!

Memorization In Coding:

This is good to know and all about understanding concepts like you say. I like this video a lot. I really like how you get into the mental aspects and assuring the viewer everything is ok.

Developers Use Chrome or Brave:

Fascinating, I have never heard of Brave until this video. Very interesting point you make about being a developer knowing the most widely used browsers to code against that. Very interesting!! The 90’s sounded very challenging with all the strategies used to re-code for different browsers.

Are Coding Jobs Hard to Find:

Love the fishing analogy here and was just fishing today, lol. Humbling to hear about the Java developer getting laid off and that it took him a year to find a job. Sounds like time and patience are needed for getting a job. I like that your mentoring program has job searching and helping opportunities.

Using WordPress or just Vanilla:

Excellent video here: Very motivating here to get up a website and have it well laid out. That is a future goal of mine to get a website up and blog and have projects posted. Excited to build a website and start some projects and interview some developers who are also musicians to try and have coding explained in a different kind of way… 

Can a Mother Become a Coder:

This makes me feel better that I am 35 and not 50, lol!! I like how you talk about the diversity that is needed in coding, more women needed within the field. Inspiring video here: “A forceful push into a new direction”. Love that line. Thanks. I can see myself as a freelancer but need a lot more experience…

Can 50 Year Olds Code:

I really like this and how you talk about the roadblocks of coding are insecurities. I felt that a lot during Intro to Python. I finished the course and did great but just felt a lack of overall confidence within coding. I need to work on changing my self-talk within coding. I like how you talk about what studies show and being healthy. I find the college I am at, no one really talks about the mental aspect of coding so I am grateful that you do.