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How to Easily Password Protect a Web Page?

May 10, 2011

question about web design


From a recent email sent to me:

Hi I am subscribed to Killersites University. I need to add a section on my website that members only can access with a password. Can you tell me where to look to learn how to do this?

Many thanks

There are a few ways to approach this and the way you choose depends on how complex this needs to be. Your options are:

– use php
– use htaccess
– use wordpress or another cms/blog engine .. it can do this for you.

In video library, you can look at:

Htaccess & Mod_Rewrite (4 Videos):


The WordPress section.


Learn basic PHP … The video section in the library is: Beginners PHP (16 Videos):

Another thing you should do is to post the question on the forum so others can jump in.

I hope that helps,