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January 2, 2019

A Sneak-Peek At The Upcoming Developer Vlogs In 2019 + So Much More!

First things first: HAPPY 2019, N2N-ers!! …we’re all still here…day 2…
Next up we’re happy to announce some of the cool new gear we’ll be using for our vlogs ( including a 360 camera and some cool videography tools).
Plus, I’m going to be a little more relaxed in the presentation (that’s right you heard me…), “a little more “Stef”, ya know?
We want to focus more on content than pesky little things like video quality that only grizzled old camera operators could pick out.

I’m going to let the vlog do most of the talking but I’m really happy to tell you that we’ve got some big upgrades coming up for the killersites network,
AND you’ll be seeing it in the first couple of months this year. BOOM! Right outta the gate!

There’s so much more, but while reading about it is FUN-damental, let’s take a look at the vlog and engage some more of our senses (for those of you that are still recovering from the last 2 days…maybe put on sunglasses and turn the volume down…). Also, if any of you want feel the cold of Quebec emanating off these pixels, or just wanna see some “BTS Stef”, you can fast forward to 4:25 of this vlog.
PS – Yes, I actually move that fast in the cold and yes, I try to move through most of my tasks like I’m in a “first person shooter”, but the my weapon of choice will always be a coffee.

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