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A Cautionary Tale: Going Into Business With Friends & Family

January 28, 2019

Some of you may be scoffing at the title saying, “Great, man…another DUH kernel from the popcorn bag of life…” To which I would say, that’s the worst metaphor I’ve heard in a long time; please leave writing to the writers 🙂
But seriously, if you’ve never been the victim of this, consider yourself lucky. And if you have, then you both can consider this a little reminder.

This is a super short little vlog/editorial just reminding you that the struggle is real and it almost happened to me with a friend of mine. Don’t worry, I’m fine but you should really check out this vlog. Bottom line: Be extremely careful when going into business with friends or family. I honestly avoid it where I can because it can potentially ruin the dynamic you have with them. …So on that note, enjoy the vlog…? The next one will be a little more uplifting…kinda.

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