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Month: June 2010

Is our home page too commercial looking?

June 28, 2010


I always find it a challenge to balance the aesthetic of the site, while still keeping it usable. On top of that, I don’t want to overload visitors with my sales pitch (for my video courses) … yet I still want to sell videos.


New Video Courses

This blog post itself is an example of that; I want to mention our new web design video training packages, but I also want to give you guys some useful information. So first, the useful information:

The Web ‘likes’ the soft sell.

That means that your product information should be interwoven with something useful or interesting. Pretty simple.

So back to our new home page with the rotating top banner .. pretty nifty stuff and easily done with JQuery … something we teach come to think of it!


So my question to you is, do you think our home page is becoming too commercial?


Stefan Mischook

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Closed Captioned Video Tutorials

June 25, 2010


I am happy to announce that we are well on our way to closed captioning all of our web design and web programming related video training courses.

We’ve managed in the last couple of months to provide captioning for hundreds of our video screencasts. So far we’ve covered topics like:

– php basics
– advanced php
– Javascript basics
– JQuery
– Dreamweaver
– Basic web design concepts

… And much more.

You can expect to see dozens of free closed captioned videos over the next several months – just check out our blogs. In the meantime, you can view many of our video tutorials in Killersites University. They will be made available on for download or on DVD in the next few weeks.


Stefan Mischook

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WordPress Privacy Settings and the Search Engines.

June 16, 2010

Over time, as you learn more and more, you’ll soon find that knowledge that you once had, will slowly seep out of your brain (through the ears I think …) and soon stupid mistakes will be made.

Being an old time nerd, much has slipped away over the years – too much. Recently I relearned a basic setting in WordPress that controls whether or not the search engines will read and index your site – an important thing for most websites out there!

Anyway, watch the video and learn to not make the same stupid mistake I made with WordPress:

As some of you may know, I am a big advocate of WordPress (or some other blog or CMS) in day-to-day web design work. You can learn more about WordPress on


Stefan Mischook

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Can old geezers make a living in web design?

June 8, 2010

Once again, an article derived from a question put to me:

What do you offer unemployed 75-years old geezers doing a Flash self-learning approach, to maintain my sanity knowing no company, at my age, will ever offer me gainful income employment ???

Marvin G

Translation: Can old geezers make a living in web design?

Short answer: yes.

… If you train properly.

The best thing about the web design field is that it is very open and not hindered by regulation and formality that we see in many other professions.

In fact, the professional web world is one of the few meritocracies left on this planet – imagine that, skill and talent count!

… It never fails to baffle me why economists and professional stock pickers still have jobs!? Oh yea, they don’t need to produce results!

Anyway …

Flash though, may not be the best route because it is a marginalized aspect of web design and I think with the added pressure from Apple and HTML5 (that supplants some important aspects of Flash) … it will fade even more so. I am NOT saying Flash will disappear, but I think it will be used that much less.

So what is the solution?

First thing, you may want to consider being self employed web designer, start taking on web design jobs. It much more fun anyway! And 2nd, you need to learn the skills of a modern web designer … skills that are used everyday:

– Javascript

The last two on my list may scare you (programming for web designers?), but in fact, it is the key to you getting more jobs and earning more money than the next guy.


I believe that the open nature of the web design profession and the growing demand for websites, combined with some strategic web design training … and yes, geezers will not just make some extra cash, they can make a good living and on their schedule. Remember, with web design, you don’t need to go work for a company.

Thanks for reading,

Stefan Mischook

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How much can a person expect to earn as a website developer?

June 1, 2010


In this article I listed some hourly rates you could charge depending on your skills, experience and talents. I wanted to point out that these numbers are not written in stone because of a few other factors:

– Where you live.
– How the economy is doing.
– Where technology is going.

So for example, someone living in Bangkok Thailand will probably get paid a lot less than someone living in New York city because everything is much cheaper in Thailand. For instance, an apartment that would cost you $500 in Bangkok will cost you $3000 in New York. So keep this in mind when reading.


I get a lot of web design and web programming related questions thrown at me and from time to time I use them as the basis of a blog post:

Tell me if you will. How much can a person expect to earn as a website developer?

Thanks again. I am hoping to make this a new career for me.

My answer:

How much can a person expect to earn as a website developer?

Depends on where you live, your skills, talent and experience. So let’s say you’re Mr. average, pretty good at what you do, but not one of those rare ultra-nerds or ultra-designers.

Once you have basic web design skills in place:

– html
– css
– basic design skills

.. You can make the lower end of a middle class living. So of many places, that’s about $15-25 hr – depending on your talents.

Once you add these skills:

– PHP (able to do simple things and modify scripts in simple ways)
– Javascript – same level as PHP

… Then you can at another $5-10hr to that base. Again, depends on your depth of knowledge and talent.

Finally, if you can add to that:

– An understanding of web architecture.
– Usablility
– More advanced PHP/ Javascript skills.
– Some experience under your belt.

… Then you can start finding yourself making much more. Experience and talent do play a major role in this.

In my heyday as a Java web programmer, I was billing out at $200 hr.

I hope that helps.

Stefan Mischook

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