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Is our home page too commercial looking?

June 28, 2010


I always find it a challenge to balance the aesthetic of the site, while still keeping it usable. On top of that, I don’t want to overload visitors with my sales pitch (for my video courses) … yet I still want to sell videos.


New Video Courses

This blog post itself is an example of that; I want to mention our new web design video training packages, but I also want to give you guys some useful information. So first, the useful information:

The Web ‘likes’ the soft sell.

That means that your product information should be interwoven with something useful or interesting. Pretty simple.

So back to our new home page with the rotating top banner .. pretty nifty stuff and easily done with JQuery … something we teach come to think of it!


So my question to you is, do you think our home page is becoming too commercial?


Stefan Mischook