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"I completed the Beginners HTML and am working on Beginners CSS. You did a great job on this material! I liked the new training better because of the quizzes which help reinforce the learning - Jerry"

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  • Open Minded to New Ideas and Tech – learning a 2nd and 3rd programming language.

    April 5, 2017

    Learning a 2nd and 3rd programming language will just make you a better coder.  I get into the reasoning behind the thinking, in this video:

    … Over 20 years of coding experience has taught me the lessons discussed in the above video.

    You should check out my popular web developer training package, because you like to learn:



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  • SITE123 is 100% Responsive Web Design

    April 3, 2017

    The concept of responsive design is not a big breakthrough, but it has attracted a lot of attention recently due to the growth of the mobile device market, mainly tablets and cell phones of varying sizes and resolutions. In this new context of browsers and various resolutions, responsive design emerges as a logical evolution of …

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  • How to Learn a New Programming Language

    March 24, 2017

    Let me start with the conclusion: When learning a programming language, you are going to make many mistakes – it’s normal that your code won’t work the first few times. That said, the key to learning code, is to write code as soon as possible, and as often as possible. … Even if the code …

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  • Teaching Code in the Classroom – my TV interview!

    March 23, 2017

    I finally got around to getting this video of me on television, talking about the importance of students learning to code. It comes down to two big reasons:

    1. A huge number of high paying jobs in programming and coding.
    2. Brain training: learning to code is like pushups for the mind!

    Watch my interview to learn more:

    If you want to learn more about learning or teaching code, check out


    Stefan Mischook

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  • Teacher Facilitated Code Classrooms in 2017

    March 21, 2017

    About 6 years ago, I began helping schools bring code into the classroom. My app and curriculum (StudioWeb) was originally conceived from my own ideas and experiences … that took us about 70% of the way there. Over the last 6 years though, StudioWeb has been highly refined, with the help from many teachers and …

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