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  • Top 3 Code Teaching / Learning Tips

    April 14, 2016

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    To get the best outcomes with students (and yourself!), here are my top 3 code teaching tips:

    1- Write real code, not ‘lego’ code.
    2- Use real coding tools, not code simulators.
    3- Build real projects from start to finish.

    1. Write real code, not ‘lego’ code

    A funny thing happens when students write real code: they start to learn not only how to code, but they learn the concepts behind the code. What I’ve seen over the years is that trying to hide the code from students with block based code teaching tools slows the learning process.

    You have to write code to learn to code.

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  • Should kids learn coding instead of foreign languages?

    February 16, 2016

    I was reading an article on the debate in Florida, whether to allow kids to learn code instead of a foreign language. I can offer some perspective here, since I am a coder who speaks English and French.

    What has been more valuable in my life: knowing French, or knowing how to code?

    Coding has easily been the most valuable skill for me.

    But if my second language was English (rather than French,) maybe the tables would be turned. I say this because though French is a great language, and I think the more spoken languages you know the better, French has limited use on the world’s stage. English though, is the language of business … it is a must learn.

    Coding is much more like English, it too is an international language of sorts. Knowing how to code has many positive impacts on your life, even if you don’t become a coder!

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    Stefan Mischook

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  • Surface Pro 4 is great, but it can also suck.

    February 8, 2016

    Hi, So I bought the Surface Pro 4 shortly after it came out, something I rarely do, because it’s dangerous to buy new tech products when they first come out.  So after a couple of months of use, I can tell you that Surface Pro 4 is both very cool and annoying. The good: Microsoft …

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  • Teach Code without Knowing how to Code

    February 4, 2016


    Schools want to teach code, but they are having a hard time finding the teachers who know how to code. Studioweb solves that problem.

    Studioweb allows teachers to take on the role of a classroom facilitator, as students learn to code with the tools that coders use, while building real websites and web apps that work on both smartphones and traditional computers.

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  • My new book is getting unanimous 5 star reviews!

    January 22, 2016


    Altogether I have 7-8 reviews on, and … but they are all 5 star! It’s a start!

    I haven’t asked yet, but if you bought the book, I would really appreciate it if you could head over to Amazon, and give it a review.


    Stefan Mischook


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