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  • Web Foundations Course Out!

    February 24, 2015



    My new Web Foundations course has been released and the first lesson is available for free – now. Get it while you can:



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  • Why you should be teaching kids PHP, and not Python or Ruby

    February 15, 2015

    These days, Python and Ruby are popular programming languages with the tech startup crowd, and many of the venture capital backed ‘teach code’ startups, have ruby or python courses targeted at kids. The problem is, that these are not the best languages to teach programming with – especially in K12.

    Why is PHP better?

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  • My New Web Design Book is on Amazon

    February 14, 2015



    Just announcing that my new beginners web design book is ready for pre-order on Amazon! The title is a strange one, but descriptive: Build your Website – Start Here

    The first paragraph from the introduction describes the book nicely:

    This book is about code and cutting-edge web design. It starts off with the big picture, and then circles in slowly for the web design kill! I won’t leave you hanging with just a bunch of nerd-code either, not knowing what to do with it—no, no, no! Not only will you know how to build a modern website, but also how to get it live on the web.

    This is a beginners book but I still cover a lot of material. You will learn key fundamentals of web design and web coding. Here are just some of the topics I cover:

    • HTML, CSS, HTML5 and CSS3.
    • JavaScript and programming basics.
    • Liquid, adaptive and responsive layout – as we build a simple website.
    • How to add video and audio to web pages.
    • Bootstrap, jQuery and what web frameworks are all about.

    .. And much more!


    Stefan Mischook

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  • Why 10,000 Video Tutorials Suck!

    January 25, 2015



    I’ve been teaching web design and development since 2003, and I’ve seen all the trends over the years. The current trend in online education, is to flood people with thousands of videos, and claim that’s a great thing. In fact, that sucks!

    Why 10,000 video tutorials suck?

    Let’s put in a nutshell:

    The teacher, really has two jobs:

    1. Filter for the good stuff.
    2. To simplify.

    So my job as web design and development teacher, is to concentrate on the important technologies (and to teach you WHY it’s important,) and to make things that are complex, simple.

    … If I say that I have ‘thousands of videos to choose from’, I am basically saying that I am not doing 1/2 my job!

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  • turns 19yrs old!

    January 9, 2015



    I can’t believe that has been teaching the web for 19 years! Back then, I had no white hair … if you can believe it!

    A little Killersites history …

    Killersites was originally created to support a best selling book on web design, Creating Killer Websites, by David D. Siegel. At the time, only contained articles and support material for the book.

    In 2002-2003, I took over and started to expand what killersites’ offered – with new articles, podcasts and video training on web design and even development.

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