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CPANEL Video Tutorials

January 23, 2008


I just released a few CPANEL video tutorials that are targeted at people who are new to this popular web hosting management software.

What is CPANEL?

CPANEL is a web based program (runs in a web browser) that hosting companies provide to clients so that clients can easily edit things about their web hosting account:

  • Add and remove email addresses.
  • Set up MySQL databases.
  • Create secured directories using something called htaccess.
  • Set up FTP accounts.

… And a lot more.

You can find the collection of videos here:

CPANEL videos

So far, this is what I have up:

Setting up email with CPANEL
Using File Manager in CPANEL
Uploading web pages with CPANEL
Setting up MySQL with CPANEL

If you have any suggestions regarding any other topics, let me know.


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Ajax Video Tutorials

January 23, 2008


I just wanted to announce that I am now giving away a series of video lectures on Ajax – about 3 hrs worth.

The Videos:

Ajax Videos

These videos are not designed to be a tutorial, but rather, they are a lecture. None the less, these videos can help give you at least a basic understanding of what Ajax is all about.

Anyway, they are free, so what do you have to loose!


If you guys want a proper killersites style (simple, practical and to the point) video tutorial, please let me know.


Stefan Mischook

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Customizing the WordPress Text Editor with Quicktags

November 29, 2007

The WordPress text editor comes with a set of buttons that allows you to easily format your post by quickly inserting things like links, images and html list.

wordpress screenshot

Though very useful, I found that I needed a few more buttons … and so I figured out how to do it.

I just released a new video tutorial on how to edit the WordPress text editor:

The Video: Customizing the WordPress Text Editor

I hope you find it useful!


Stefan Mischook

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Firefox Plugins for Web Designers.

November 7, 2007


Firefox is the Web browser of choice for most web designer’s, because it is fast and it sticks to the Web standards better than say IE6 or IE7.

That said, Firefox has a bunch of other features that makes it attractive to Web professionals. One of the big ones for me, is the ability for anyone to add to Firefox’s core functionality by way of plugins.


My only complaint about Firefox plugins is that the Firefox nerds don’t call them ‘plugins’! Instead they use the terms ‘add-ons’ and ‘extensions’. Besides that little issue, Firefox plug-ins turn this nimble Web browser into an important tool for Web designers.

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PHP Video Tutorial: Creating your own Functions

October 8, 2007



In my continued attempts to teach web designers how to program with PHP (now an essential web design skill,) I’ve just released part 1 of 3, of my video series on creating custom functions in PHP.

We cover the very basics and learn about one of the key advantages of creating functions in php versus just write straight PHP code to your pages.

The Video: Custom PHP Functions

Part 2 and 3 will be out soon.



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