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CPANEL Video Tutorials

January 23, 2008


I just released a few CPANEL video tutorials that are targeted at people who are new to this popular web hosting management software.

What is CPANEL?

CPANEL is a web based program (runs in a web browser) that hosting companies provide to clients so that clients can easily edit things about their web hosting account:

  • Add and remove email addresses.
  • Set up MySQL databases.
  • Create secured directories using something called htaccess.
  • Set up FTP accounts.

… And a lot more.

You can find the collection of videos here:

CPANEL videos

So far, this is what I have up:

Setting up email with CPANEL
Using File Manager in CPANEL
Uploading web pages with CPANEL
Setting up MySQL with CPANEL

If you have any suggestions regarding any other topics, let me know.