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Top 3 Code Teaching / Learning Tips

April 14, 2016

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To get the best outcomes with students (and yourself!), here are my top 3 code teaching tips:

1- Write real code, not ‘lego’ code.
2- Use real coding tools, not code simulators.
3- Build real projects from start to finish.

1. Write real code, not ‘lego’ code

A funny thing happens when students write real code: they start to learn not only how to code, but they learn the concepts behind the code. What I’ve seen over the years is that trying to hide the code from students with block based code teaching tools slows the learning process.

You have to write code to learn to code.

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New for 2016: Interactive Web Developer Course

January 19, 2016


I am happy to announce my new Interactive Web Developer course. This package covers everything you need to be a web developer.

What makes it special, is the interactive quizzing component that reinforces the video lessons as you go. Over 350 videos, 900 quiz questions and 40 projects. You will quickly learn:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Databases and SQL

… And much more.

Get it now at the SPECIAL introductory price – it’s easily the best training course I’ve ever created!


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Why is learning to code, better than Luminosity?

January 8, 2016
Learning to code activates your brain!

Everyone knows that you should be constantly training your brain, especially as you get older.

Why is learning to code, much better than Luminosity?

  1. Learning new skills gives you maximum brain training impact. Not playing a game that is doing same thing, over and over again.
  2. Learning a new language creates new neural pathways; it forces the brain to grow. Coding is all about learning computer languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  3. Learning to code will actually teach you valuable skills! Skills that can get you great paying jobs – part-time or fulltime.

The science is clear, if you really want to keep your mind nimble, you have to challenge your brain with new things. Not only will learning to code train your brain, it will also give you a valuable skill that is in super high demand!

… Why work at Walmart, when you can code from the comfort of your home, and earn much more money for your time!

Full disclosure:  I own the interactive code training system Studioweb, and I’ve been teaching web design and coding since 2003.


Stefan Mischook



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Coding for Baby Boomers

January 6, 2016



So I just read that the brain game Luminosity is facing a fine for false advertising. In a nutshell, the science does not support their claims that playing memory games can prevent mental decline.

… I don’t know about playing games, but I do remember from university (I majored in psychology,) …  that learning a new skill, is a great way to help the brain. When you introduce the brain to new concepts, or expose your body to new motor skills, you are basically telling the brain, we need more brain power to survive! So the body adapts accordingly.

So if you want to stay mentally sharp, exercise the brain by learning new skills. I would suggest both physical and mental skills. Don’t do the same old same.

Playing a game, or learning a skill?

Since I’ve never used them, I really can’t say what impact Luminosity (or any other brain-games,) has on the brain. But what I would say, instead of playing a game, why not help the brain by learning a valuable skill!

Coding for baby boomers

Learning to code and build websites, is a great skill to learn. Coding is both a creative and logical endeavour. There are coding languages to learn (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL) and the web design process to learn.

Instead of playing games (that might not help the brain much it seems,) you’d be better off learning to code to stimulate the brain. At the same time, you will be learning a valuable skill that is in huge demand!

… Now imagine if someone could make learning code, a game in of itself! Hold on, I already did!

Full disclosure:  I own Studioweb, and I’ve been teaching web design and coding since 2003.


Stefan Mischook


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Concussions or Coding?

January 5, 2016

Stefan Mischook

I know that football is America’s ‘national sport’, but why would you want to subject your kids to (highly likely,) brain damaging football?

Instead, if they learn to code, not only will they avoid brain damage, they will in fact be working out the brain, strengthening their mental capabilities overall!

Some facts:

My numbers are a little off (you can get the updated figures on Google,) but the average football player has a career that last about 3 years. The average player makes $500 000 a year. And for what? A damaged brain, and likely other lifelong (and often times painful) physical injuries.

… Kids who learn to code on the other hand, might get carpal tunnel … but nothing a good keyboard can’t fix!

How about the money?

All coders will out-earn most professional football players over their careers. It’s not even close. For this comparison, I’m taking a huge leap of faith, and assume your kid (or you,) are one of the rare people who actually win that lottery ticket, and become a pro football player.

So, how much do coders make?

With a little experience (3-4yrs) a good developer can make $100K + … and that’s for an average coder, nobody special. Since coders don’t get smashed in the head, or get their elbows, shoulders, knees and ankles ripped apart … they can go on coding happily for years, making the big money. And it’s all pain free.


So I would suggest training the brain with coding, instead of damaging the brain with football.

… If you really want to play football,  just pick up that game EA makes, and save yourself the pain.

Full disclosure: I’ve been teaching kids and adults to code since 2003.

Stefan Mischook

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Immersive Web Developer Training

December 30, 2015



So, I am about to release my new series of courses designed to teach total beginners web development. I’ve been coding since 1994, and teaching code since 2003 – these new courses are the best work I’ve ever done!

I decided that I had to do something different with these new courses; no point in doing the same old thing I’ve been doing for over ten years … basically what everyone else is doing now.

So, what I came up with is a new style of course, something that incorporates what I call Immersive Quizzing. Basically, with the Immersive Quizzing, you will learn to code much more easily, and much more quickly than you thought possible. My beta testers are all loving it, and they tell me they would not want to do video courses without the Immersive Quizzing component.

Update: available now!

Stef Mischook

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Web Design – Start Here!

October 7, 2015


About 2 months ago, my new beginners web design book hit the stores in North America and the UK. It’s been selling really well … beyond my expectations.

If you are interested in learning web design (HTML5, CSS3, Mobile design and more …) from scratch, with an easy going conversational style, buy my book!


Right now, you can buy it for $16.26 on Amazon. It’s some of the best writing I’ve ever done.

You can download the project files for the book on the book’s website.

If you have any questions, you know how to reach here, or through the books website.



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New Beginners HTML course on Studioweb

July 26, 2015


I just released my new Beginners HTML 2015 course on

Here is first of 57 video lessons – what exactly is HTML:

The video lessons are only one part of the training package. My courses include:

  1. Interactive gaming environment – track your progress, unlock chapters and badges.
  2. To reinforce the lessons, we provide hundreds of quiz and code challenge questions.
  3. Support material for teachers and parents.

… And more.

Studioweb has subscription options for schools and individuals. Please feel free to contact me if you any questions.


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Web Foundations Part 3 – Domain Names

March 10, 2015


Just to let you know that I released Web Foundations part 3 (on Domain names) on Here is the link:

Domain Names

What this video covers:

– choosing a good domain.
– pricing domains.
– should you buy premium domains?

… And much more. Yes, a beginners subject … but remember this is part of the Web Foundations course. 🙂


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Web Foundations Part 2 – ready to watch

March 3, 2015


Part 2 of my new Web Foundations course is out – What is Web Hosting? Yes a basic topic, but I go into some detail that you might find interesting:

– hosting choices
– hosting cost
– Should you set up your own web hosting?

I hope you like it!

Stefan Mischook

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