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Immersive Web Developer Training

December 30, 2015



So, I am about to release my new series of courses designed to teach total beginners web development. I’ve been coding since 1994, and teaching code since 2003 – these new courses are the best work I’ve ever done!

I decided that I had to do something different with these new courses; no point in doing the same old thing I’ve been doing for over ten years … basically what everyone else is doing now.

So, what I came up with is a new style of course, something that incorporates what I call Immersive Quizzing. Basically, with the Immersive Quizzing, you will learn to code much more easily, and much more quickly than you thought possible. My beta testers are all loving it, and they tell me they would not want to do video courses without the Immersive Quizzing component.

Update: available now!

Stef Mischook