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The Jabba About Java

March 27, 2019

Hard to learn, easy to write … but slow to code with

Full disclosure: I love Java and in some ways, it can be easier to write than faster-to-write languages like JavaScript, Python and PHP. That being said, I wouldn’t use JAVA today in most situations… I know, I know, I can hear the rage-typing right now as the JAVA cavalry sweeps down the hill, charging towards me, but hear me out…

It’s hard to learn, even compared to other languages (like PYTHON, JAVAscript or PHP). It’s hard because “…you have to declare everything. …You have to explicitly write out everything your code is doing. …There’s a lot less things done automatically for you.” Which can be good: as a programmer that means there’s a lot less errors creeping in because there’s not really any “implied coding” (explanation in the video), BUT the coding you do write is super-detailed and verbose.
ALSO: It’s dog-slow at run time when writing desktop applications (never mind mobile apps).

-Totally dating myself here- JAVA was a great language for it’s time in the 90’s. “Because when you wrote JAVA it just worked…and it was very consistent. …JAVAscript: relative to JAVA was very inconsistent …it had some really weird, wonky behaviors and it could cause some really stupid little bugs that could cause you to pull your hair out trying to chase them down in JAVAscript, whereas you didn’t have that occur with JAVA.” I’m also not saying that JAVAscript is bad, in fact most companies toady are leaning towards lighter, faster languages and JAVAscript fits that build (especially when compared to JAVA).

So there you have it, from a guy that loves JAVA. It’s super verbose and heavily detailed in the writing (which also means less errors because you’re being explicit), and that writing code takes much more time, much more time means much more work and money/cost: “I wouldn’t do it.”

Check out the video for a more in-depth explanation PLUS what’s coming up with us with STUDIOWEB and other fundamental stuff we’re working on; super exciting stuff!


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