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Business Lesson 101 – Stay FREE my Friends!

April 3, 2019

A basic business lesson…be very careful about who and what binding business relationships you establish.

The general idea I want to get across is: don’t get into unnecessary deals with third party companies. Really think hard about what the “partner” brings to the table for you to want to “partner up” with them.

Now, specifically I want to talk about…
MCN: multi-channel network: A company that claims to help “grow” your channel (YouTube, in this case…), by taking control of your channel for number of years, where generally all the income is funneled to the MCN, and after the “number of years” the income is returned, minus the MCN’s cut and generally you have no idea what the MCN has done, did or was planning on doing or the “help” they provided was ambiguous, uncertain or (in your best Unicorn voice), highly dubious. In my opinion it’s predatory. Also, see rent-seekers.

Generally the stuff they offer is stuff that sounds like you need their help getting but when you think about it, you don’t. Example:  free access for using stock footage (you can get that yourself for about 20$ a month which is way less than their fee).

In the video we’ll link to some YouTube content creators that got hosed real bad (if you haven’t already heard) as an example. Plus some of the experiences we had in the past. Enjoy!


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