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That Human Touch: The Importance of a Little “Personality” in Your Communication.

January 15, 2019

If you want to advance your career as a developer, you’d be better to learn how to communicate with the non-nerds.

Let’s take a moment and talk about human interaction. For some of us, people are what make the job fun or bearable; knowing that there’s someone you can problem-solve/go to lunch/ share a laugh with. And for some of us, they’re constantly nagging/in the way/slowing us down or just being the poop emoji given life, ya know?

Well, unless you’re working from home, making your own coffee/meals on an island where all your work gets sent off via carrier pigeon, you’re going to have to communicate with someone. And this communication can take many forms, including direction (giving or receiving), collaboration and even <dun, dun, DUN!> fraternization.

Now before anyone feels like we’re saying, “You can’t communicate effectively, you introverted nerd!”.  First off, whoooooa, that’s a lot of words we didn’t use. Second, for most of us (nerds included), we can string many words together in our vast vocabulary and articulate our intentions and feelings to varying degrees of success ( I feel the portrait of the socially “stunted” nerd is a crutch and often inaccurate. In my experience, most of my “nerd” friends can’t shut up about anything…).

Think of it as little “check-in” to reflect on how you communicate with people in the workplace. And for those of you honest enough to see you might lack some of these skills, no worries, check out the video and I think you’ll find these steps both easy and effective. Enjoy!
PS – Speaking of communication, stick around til the end of the video where I talk about a “hairy” situation…


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