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March 14, 2019

What to expect with the new developer related vlogs

So full disclosure, this vlog is late but not because of me, our copy-writer is late and having to play catch up [don’t worry, he’s been beaten accordingly… 😉 ].
But what I really want to talk about is these new vlogs. It’s a “reach out to you” kind of idea, and thus will include more commentary on new technology, etc.

I’ll be presenting 4 content categories to you in these vlogs in some way, shape or form:

1. More Q&A videos

2. More Career talks.

3. Deep dive into tech videos.

4. My take on new programming related news.

The idea is you will be able to find what you want, in relation to where you are career-wise, and the challenges you may be facing.
Also some new announcements on this vlog, which you’ll just have to watch to find out.
Check it out and enjoy!

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