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DRUPAL Jobs In 2019

March 12, 2019

Widely used by some big name organizations like Nasa and Harvard, is a job working with DRUPAL outdated in 2019?

DRUPAL is (arguably) the 2nd most popular CMS in the world…second only to WordPress (again, arguably…). There a many high paying DRUPAL jobs out there. To work with DRUPAL, you need to know HTML5, CSS3, some JavaScript and PHP … and of course, you need to know DRUPAL.
We’ve been asked if DRUPAL is a dinosaur, an aging language that won’t matter in the years to come and if anyone who works in it will be working towards obsolescence (whoa…heavy, huh?).

Well the short answer is “…no…”
The long answer is (thankfully) a little more detailed and available here in what I’d like to be the first to describe as a “Sausage” explanation. In that it is both meaty (detailed) and has a hint of spiciness (fun nerd ranting) mixed in…yeah, ya know what never mind, I’m regretting this metaphor already…apologies…
Suffice it to say that it’s better to experience this explanation in it’s entirety, with the relevant senses than to write it out. Plus, there a bonus RUBY dig (mwahaha…). Long story short if this is a first job for you, we all have to start somewhere and work looks good on a resume no matter what (not to mention experience) and you’d be surprised how many languages are still being used today…

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