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Python Career Paths in 2018

September 28, 2017

Python is one of the most popular programming languages used today because of its’ simple syntax, and because it is a general purpose programming language. You see Python used in many areas:

  • Web app development
  • Ai and ML (machine learning)
  • Server operations
  • Data sciences
  • Robotics

New programmers have many choices in terms of Python programming careers. But Python alone is not enough for most of these career options, they all require supporting skills. For example, if you wanted to get into web development with Python, besides having to learn a Python web framework like Django or Flask, you will need to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

… The good thing is that learning the web languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript,) will be pretty easy for properly trained Python programmers.

Each of the above mentioned Python specializations (Ai, web development, data sciences etc …) all require different skills, and so each has their own career path to follow.

I cover these career paths and provide a step-by-step guide in my Python course that takes total beginners, and makes them into Python programmers. My students love the course.

Stefan Mischook