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Business Battleplan: Entrepreneurs course

November 18, 2017


I am happy to announce that my new course on starting a business is now open for EARLY ACCESS. What you will learn:


  1. The categories of business
  2. 10 business ideas
  3. How to pick your business
  4. Finding your niche
  5. How most rich people get rich
  6. Bootstrapped business vs raising money
  7. Stef’s Top 3 Business Truths
  8. Partners or no partners?
  9. Working at home vs working at an office
  10. Hiring people to work for you
  11. Buying equipment for your business
  12. Developing business workflows to increase profits and reduce headaches
  13. Long term money management
  14. How to bill clients, how to get paid
  15. Psychology of an entrepreneur
  16. Business Myths
  17. Principles of FYM

In a nutshell, you will learn everything I WISH I knew when I started my first business at 18yrs old.