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StudioWeb Makes Teaching Web Design Easy!

December 3, 2013



Some of you know that we’ve been hard at work refining our interactive training system for schools – StudioWeb.

The feedback we’ve been getting from teachers and students has been great and has helped us really improve. So over a year later, nearly 2000 students, we are about to release version 2!

Top StudioWeb 2.0 Features – from a teachers perspective:

• Turn-key courses with automated quizzing, correcting and tracking
• Full reporting + charts
• Teachers answer book
• Printable course outlines
• Course project files

StudioWeb removes all the bookkeeping so you can concentrate on the teaching!

With StudioWeb, even teachers who are not tech savvy can effectively manage a class! In fact, given all the automation that StudioWeb provides, teachers can more easily manage large classrooms.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Stefan Mischook