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Stay at Home Mom wants to Build a Web Business

November 27, 2013

Stay at home mom - web design list


I get a lot of questions from people wanting to build a web based business. I’m not talking about becoming a web designer or a web programmer, I am talking about building a website and then making money off it.

Sometimes, people just want to put up articles and then sell other peoples products (through affiliate programs) other times they simply want to put up a bunch of ads.

The more ambitious want to sell a service or a product. This blog post is going to be about how to do that … in a nutshell.

What do you need to know (and what to do,) to set up a web based business?

Well, before I get into it, I should mention the stay at home mom who contacted me recently. She had an idea for a website and her goal was to generate ad revenue and sell memberships/access to premium content. She was asking a bunch of questions about setting up a forum, an e-commerce system etc …

So the first thing I ask when people come to me with these questions, is if they know anything about building websites? If you don’t know much, you will either:

  • Need to hire someone.
  • Or, learn some web skills.

Since this mom in question had no money to pay someone to build her site, she was going to have to learn. Before I get into what you have to learn, when you are a do-it-yourself web entrepreneur, let’s quickly talk about NOT ‘putting the cart before the horse’.


Do the first things first!

Our well intentioned hard working mom, was very worried about setting up the e-commerce system and getting a forum installed … to deal with the traffic coming to her site. Seems a sensible thing to worry about … when you have a website with traffic!

… Before you start thinking about things like that, you need to first build up a website that has traffic. And that means good content. So, I kept pulling her back to that: you have to get your basic website up BEFORE you even consider all those other things.

The Stay at Home Mom, Home Web Business To-Do List

This is what you need to do:

  1. Learn basic web design – you need to know at least a little HTML, CSS and other basic things about websites.
  2. Pick a style and layout for your site. Templates are a fast cheap way to start.
  3. Pick a domain name – if you don’t know what that is, go to step one.
  4. Get your site up .. even with a few simple pages.
  5. If you plan on an information rich website – learn and use WordPress

Build up your website with great content and once the traffic builds, you can think about making money with it.


Well, there is more to it than what I listed above – but it’s a good start and should keep you busy for a little bit. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me:

stefan at