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Careers in Web Design – Part 1

June 10, 2013

I’ll start with the conclusion: there will be plenty of web design and web programming jobs in the future. In fact, if you know the right stuff, there will be more work than you can handle!

You may have heard that big tech companies like Microsoft have been lobbying the US Congress on letting high tech trained foreign students stay in the US to work. The reason they want these people to stay, is not take jobs away from Americans, no …. it’s because there aren’t nearly enough Americans to take those jobs!

I’ve read that there will be as few as 10% of required nerds (tech people) available over the next ten years to fill the jobs!

… That means a few things:

  • Plenty of work.
  • Rising pay.
  • More perks.

You must learn the RIGHT web technology

The key to the good jobs (or contracts as a freelance web designer) is to know the hot technology and to forget about the old stuff. So what should you know these days?

What to know:

  • PHP and/or Ruby
  • JavaScript and JavaScript Libraries like JQuery
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Mobile and Responsive Web Design
  • RAD web design techniques.

What to forget:

  • Perl
  • Flash
  • Old school web design techniques – more on that later.

I will continue this is part 2.


Stefan Mischook