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Top 3 Beginners Web Design Questions

August 6, 2012

Top 3 Beginners Web Design Questions

1. How long before you can build a website?

You can learn to build a simple website in a few days .. if you can put a few hours into it every day.

Yes, you would have only basic web design skills, but with the help of templates and other smart web design strategies, you could actually put a simple web site together that won’t make people cry when they see it.

To become an expert web designer though, will take more time. How much time depends your natural talents and how much you know about technology coming into it. I’ve seen people develop entry level pro skills in months … with the required work put in of course.

2. Do you need special software to learn web design?

Short answer – no.

Most web designers don’t use expensive web design programs, they use simple text editors instead. In fact, many web designers would argue that complicated web design programs get in the way of building a site! Whether that is true or not, comes down to personal preference though … there is no hard rule when it comes to that.

You see, all that web design software does, is write the HTML and CSS code that creates the web pages. HTML and CSS code are simply written languages that gives instructions to web browsers on:

1. What to display in web pages
2. And how things in a web page should look.

For example:

– positioning an image on the page,
– setting color of text
– inserting a video

etc …

Here is an actual sample of HTML code (also called: tags) surrounding some text:

<p>I am text wrapped in HTML tags … </p>

I don’t want to get into a web design lesson here, but if you are interested, you can learn everything you need about web design at our Killersites Library.

3. Do you need to learn code to build websites?

Short answer – yes.

First of all. you don’t need to become a maniac mega-nerd (who has no friends) to learn enough HTML and CSS to build websites. But you do need to learn at least a little, so that you understand what is going on inside a web page.

Even if you decided on using a powerful web design program
like Dreamweaver or Expression Web, you still need to be able
to go in there and tinker with code sometimes … these
programs are good, but nothing is perfect and so knowing
HTML and CSS will save you countless hours of hair pulling and frustration!

If you are still worried about learning code, just check out my popular 8 step tutorial on web design … it’s free!

Or if you prefer video training, check out my beginners course on web design.

Thanks for reading,

Stefan Mischook