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Building a CMS from Scratch

November 22, 2011

Every so often people ask about building a CMS (content management system) and so, I decided to included a snippet from an email I recently sent. One point I want to make clear; you can build a CMS using any server side programming language (PHP, Ruby, Java etc …) I just recommend PHP because I think that for most people out there, PHP makes sense.

From the email:

Before you can Build a CMS, you need to understand PHP basics … I would recommend either you get some of the basic PHP courses or you get our Complete Programmer package:

… I can almost guarantee that PHP and JavaScript will sink in after doing these courses. We don’t have the fanciest graphics but we do have the easiest courses to understand out there.

To be clear, to tackle the CMS course, you don’t need to do everything in the Complete programmer package … these should get you there:

PHP Basic – 274min
PHP Misc. – 141min
PHP and MySQL Basics – 105min
PHP CRUD + Pagenation – 90min
Beginners Javascript – 301min
PHP and Javascript Form Validation – 60min

… And that is probably overkill. I just want to be sure.

It may seem daunting, but you will find that it moves fast once you get into it. And of course, we have our active web community ready to help should problems occur.