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Best Computer for Web Design?

November 17, 2011

I get this all the time:


You’re a nerd and professional web designer, what computer would you recommend for someone wanting to get into the web design or web programming business?

My answer:

Being a professional nerd presents many challenges, and one of them shouldn’t be fighting with your computer, viruses or installing hardware!

You also need something very fast and what most people don’t know, a huge part of a computer’s speed is not found in the processor (everyone just thinks processor!!) … no, the biggest bottleneck these days is disk access. Or as we hard-core nerds like to call it: IO.

What is IO?

IO is short for: input / output

… It is the speed of sending and receiving information to and from your computer hard disk. Hard disk speed is huge!!

So what computer has the best IO out there?

MacBook Air

Buy it and be amazed at how fast a computer can move!! Check it out:

PS: I am not a Mac/Steve Jobs fan-boy … I have an Android phone!!

Stefan Mischook