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Google on Steroids!

January 20, 2010

green flag


I just made a blog post on about the Killersites University, you know … a little shameless self promotion to stoke the flames of capitalism.

Anyway, within minutes of making the post, Google emailed me an alert (a ‘Google Alerts’) about the post I just made – I’m talking literally 2-3 minutes!!

… Google is getting to be hyperbolic fast – jacked up on search engine roids or something!


What are Google Alerts?

Just in case you don’t know, Google has this service called Google Alerts, where you can ask Google to send you emails about any keywords you want to spy on. For me, I track the term ‘’ to see who’s stealing my content and to track what the general buzz is, if any, on what I do here.

What can I say … Google kicks ass. Good luck to Bing and Yahoo.

Stefan Mischook