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Beginners SEO Questions.

January 20, 2010

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Every now and then I post a blog entry based on emails that I get. This time, someone asked a bunch of questions about SEO and gaining organic position on the search engines.

Because I am a lazy guy, I am just writing the answers to the questions … I think you can figure out what the questions were.

My ‘killer’ SEO reality-check tips:

Hi Wendy,

No one can guarantee #1 listings … not even Google! There is constant competition and thus positions will shift with time.

…. But, you can improve your positions on the search engines with proper SEO and web marketing efforts. In todays world, where there are a lot of websites to compete against … it takes work.

Are there ONLY three people in all of Australia who know how to position sites on Google properly? I doubt it … and I think there are probably more. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who CLAIM they know what they are doing yet they have nothing to show for it!

Would you need to rebuild your website completely – to be search engine friendly? Probably not, but you may have to restructure things if it is a really big mess SEO wise.

I hope that helps,