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Don’t Bumble, Stay Humble.

July 30, 2019

No matter how knowledgeable you may be, humility is still the most appreciated skill to have…

Another startling discovery from DUH (the Department of Urban Humanity); no matter how much knowledge you may posses, nobody likes a ‘know-it-all’.

“…a sure sign of youth, or a classic trait of the young is arrogance; figuring that you know it all or that you’ve figured it all out.”

Now, that’s not to say that there aren’t some arrogant old-timers out there but (and this is assuming that with age comes wisdom, of course), “…one of the things you learn as you become older is to become more humble: to realize that you do not have all the answers…”

And we do not want to make this one of those ‘back my day’ rants at all. We realize that this generation is one of the most well-informed and knowledgeable generations there is. Think of this as more of a life hack (and yes, it is very ironic): The more humble you are in any given situation, the more empathetic you become and the more people are going to want to listen to you. “you want to be skeptical of everything and…you want to realize that you don’t know everything…”

Check out our VLOG for an in-car-chat about our experiences as we got older (yes, we were arrogant ‘know-it-alls’ once upon a time too). And know that the ability to admit that you’re wrong or that you don’t have all the answers is not a weakness, it’s a strength…but then again, what do we know?


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Soft Skills For the Kill!!

April 10, 2019

Any experienced developer will tell you that soft skills makes the difference, if you want to move up in the ranks … maybe become a tech lead, or software architect.

Our culture used to idolize the cowboy. That loner who does things his own way and to hell with the consequences. He doesn’t say much unless he’s telling people what’s what, and rides off into the sunset with everyone all the better for having come into contact with him…

And what did we used to say about anyone who didn’t automatically strike out as a tough guy? Anyone who used words and diplomacy? We’d say they were “emotionally intelligent”; that they has a set of “soft skills”… oddly patronizing, no?

Well, the truth is that the “cowboy” is a blowhard that can’t work well in the group, and “the group” is the better way to get things done. Talking to people, working with them and making them feel their opinion/input matters. That’s how you build relationships (business or otherwise) that will last.

Check out the video, it expertly touches on what we’ve hinted at, but it’s pretty much what you’d expect:
“…being self aware both emotionally and intelligently.” Knowing your strengths and weakness (and being confident or humble about them accordingly). In other words, “Know where you suck” and also “realize where you’re good too”.  In the end “being self-aware like this, both emotionally and intellectually is a very good thing to be; it’s good to be in that state of mind…it’ll have a tremendous positive impact in your life.” Enjoy!

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