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Dipping Your Toe in the CSS4-Pool.

April 9, 2019

Is it time to start learning CSS4?

In a word …Nah… “I don’t think there’s ever going to be an official CSS4 specification…in terms of how CSS is developed…they now release CSS in terms of being module, so components of new CSS comes out…and are widely excepted by all the browser manufacturers.”

But before you go grabbing all the new and shiny things, we do have a warning for you as an active web professional/developer: just because you see a certain technology or feature is implemented in the specifications, it doesn’t mean that you can use it. “It takes awhile for browser manufacturers… to put into place these new capabilities according to the specification.”

And the kicker? Even if these browser manufacturers do streamline these capabilities into the newest versions of their product, not every person, business, or entity will not be using that browser, they’ll be suing an older browser and not even an the updated version of it. “A lot of people do not upgrade their browsers on a regular basis; some don’t upgrade them for years! So depending on your target market, …you may not be able to implement a particular feature that very modern browsers implement.”  I know, it’s frustrating, right!?

So in conclusion, there’s not gonna be an official CSS4, there will be new CSS capabilities released into the ecosystem, but shinier is not always better.

Check out the video for a more robust explanation by a human (me) and <shameless plug>: we do offer a CSS course where we teach the foundations do you really get the sense of how it works. Also, for our followers out there or people interested, we go into how we chose which features to implement when we designed webstudio and the thinking that went behind it. Enjoy!

PS – We were just having a little bit of fun with words in the headline…we love you, CSS

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