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Note to Firefox Nerds: Firefox Sucks on Mac

September 29, 2008



I’m a big fan of the Firefox browser; it’s fast, nimble and has a great plug-in architecture, that has made Firefox into a true tool for web designers. That said, Firefox has one big failing – it sucks on the Mac.

Yes, for reasons beyond the comprehension of this humble nerd, Firefox crashes like crazy on the typically ultra stable Mac OSX.

… It’s so bad in fact, that sometimes it feels like I’m using crash-crazy Mac OS 9!

What is the source of the Firefox problem?

I haven’t done any thorough testing, but it seems to me that the constant crashing has to do with the Firefox Javascript engine – it only seems to crash when I’m on a page that uses Javascript.

So if any of your Firefox developers happen to come across this post, please take a closer look at this glaring problem. Believe me, I am not the only one who has seen this.

PS: The Flash player also doesn’t work properly in Firefox on Mac.


Stefan Mischook

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Stop using AOL’s web browser!

August 4, 2008


Over the years, I’ve found that every time that I come across the AOL browser … trouble starts.

Just today, someone was having problems watching Flash FLV based videos, where the videos would just stop half way through for no apparent reasons.

As it turned out, it was the AOL browser (a modified version of IE, so I’m told) that was screwing up. As soon as he switched to Firefox, everything worked fine.

The AOL browser isn’t the only bad actor – many micro-niche browsers are often times the source of strange problems that you don’t get using the major browsers out there. So do yourself a favor, stick to Firefox or IE.

… And keep up to date, they are free after all.


Stefan Mischook

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