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PHP Sessions Video Tutorials – Part 1

February 13, 2008


I’ve just released a new beginners video tutorial that introduces people to PHP sessions:

PHP Sessions Video Tutorial

PHP sessions are one of the most important mechanisms in PHP because they solve a fundamental issue in web application development: keeping state on a user.


If what I just says confuses you, no worries, it’s explained in the video.

This is video 1 of 3 on sessions.


Stefan Mischook

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The Zend Framework: Writing Object-Oriented PHP with Ease.

November 21, 2007


I’ve just posted an article related to object oriented PHP:

An introduction to the Zend Framework: writing object oriented PHP with ease.

Zend Framework Logo

The article covers concepts that are a little more advanced, but I think John (the author,) has done a good job making things understandable.

… I think anyone with just a little PHP knowledge, will find the article a worthwhile read.

Let me know what you think and if you have questions … you know what to do!


Stefan Mischook

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Why ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, Ruby and Cold Fusion Suck .. for web designers.

November 7, 2007

I’ve been asked many times (by web designers) about what programming language they should learn so that they can build database driven websites. My short answer is of course: PHP.

That said, I felt a little more detail was required: why do the competing technologies (ASP, ASP.NET, Ruby etc …) suck compared to PHP … in that regard?

From the article:

The article’s title (I admit,) will get some people little miffed at me. But, what can I say, the truth hurts!

Seriously, this statement is valid and is worth talking about because there are a lot of web designers out there who are considering the leap into building dynamic (database driven) web applications. And with so many choices (ASP, ASP.NET, Ruby etc …) it can be very frustrating when trying to make that choice.

Of course, I believe (and know) that PHP is the choice language/technology for web designers. But why are the other technologies not a good choice for web designers?

You can read the rest at

Why ASP, JSP and Ruby suck for web designers


Stefan Mischook

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PHP Video Tutorial: Creating your own Functions

October 8, 2007



In my continued attempts to teach web designers how to program with PHP (now an essential web design skill,) I’ve just released part 1 of 3, of my video series on creating custom functions in PHP.

We cover the very basics and learn about one of the key advantages of creating functions in php versus just write straight PHP code to your pages.

The Video: Custom PHP Functions

Part 2 and 3 will be out soon.



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Object Oriented PHP Tutorial Updated

August 26, 2007 logo


I’ve update my beginners tutorial on object oriented PHP adding steps 12-17. I cover two new basic OO concepts in these steps:

  • Constructors.
  • Access modifiers.

Again this is a code intensive article where I expect you to follow along with your PHP editors.

More to come.


Stefan Mischook

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Beginner’s Object Oriented PHP Tutorial – Part 1

August 23, 2007


I just released part 1 of a two part tutorial that teaches object oriented PHP to total beginners.

The tutorial is made up of 23 simple steps where you will learn practical OO PHP.

From the tutorial:

This tutorial is designed to teach total beginners object oriented PHP.

This is not a long-winded theoretical blathering that you see all too often; instead, we actually start writing OO code very quickly.

… I believe that this ‘hands-on’ style of learning, makes understanding OO (object oriented) PHP much easier … and less boring too!

So before you begin, get out your favorite PHP code editor and be ready to write and run some object oriented PHP code.

Object Oriented PHP Tutorial

I hope you guys find it useful.


Stefan Mischook

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