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Learning Python to Get a Job … is there a course?

April 17, 2020

I recently got a great set of questions about my Python course, I figured you would find it very informative:

Can you tell me if your course focuses on:

1_ first principles + fundamentals of programming?  What I really want to know is that your course actually teaches principles/fundamentals ( the skills + knowledge that never changes from one language to another ) that I can then apply to learning any new language, in the future.
Above is the most important to me as I know companies will require me to learn new languages constantly.

Answer: Yes! My courses are known for this … since it is rare to find a Python course created by a developer with over 20 years experience. 

2_ how many  real-world projects  do you have us tackle so that I can  show my knowledge on github for employers to review?

Of course I will   also tackle projects myself, but having your course guide us and actually give us the most common real word applications/problems, or the most complex ones that test our skills so that I can then handle any project from easy to very difficult, is SUPER important.

Answer: I have a few mini projects that are designed to teach you principles. Once you have that, there are countless project tutorials online for free that you will easily and quickly do because you will have a great understanding of the #1. Makes sense?

3_ I checked your syllabus, but I see very little projects, can you let me know if your course truly teaches enough to tackle any project thrown at me?Data Science

Answer: My course is not a data science course … it is a Python course. Data science is its’ own thing, and Python is used a lot with it … but so are other languages. 

4_ what kind of support do you offer for any issues related to learning the course ? live chat? email questions? or forum questions? and who will be answering these questions?

Answer: You can talk to me! That said, the courses are on StudioWeb, so you get a uniques platform that has built in quizzes and help. 

5_ Do you constantly update the course so that we are learning the most important skills that employers seek?

Answer: Courses cover foundations … and so they are up to date. 
10 _ Do you offer any resume reviews or at least a template to use that actually gets interviews or job placement assistance?

Answer: All my teachings are job and career oriented, since I’ve been using code for 25 years to make money. So for example, the Python course package includes a videos on Python career paths:

If you combine that with my Freelance course, you will be in a great place quickly:

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