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Which Programming Languages will be Most Popular in the Future?

March 27, 2019

Which programming languages will be the most popular in 2-3 years from now? Should you even care?

Since the dawn of time, man has looked up to the sky and wondered what the future will bring…
Where will we live?
Will Pokemon revolt and catch US for their own twisted means?
…And what will the programming languages of the future be?

Well we’re not gonna sit here and cook something up, my crystal ball is gathering dust in the closet and I’m only going to bring it out when it attains “vintage” status, so I can sell it for a killing on craigslist…

But, by market share PHP is the biggest. It’s got to the point [where] “…none of these languages are going to go away any time soon, simply because they’ve reached that tipping point where they’re woven into the nerd language.”

It’s really the same thing with all the BIG languages. They’re part of the background and still very much a part of the forefront. They are relatively easy to use, convent and almost universally understood by virtually all of the developer community (even though opinions on them will differ wildly…)

Thinking about it from a practical standpoint, with the corporations you work(ed) for, let alone huge multi-nationals regarding the languages they use in their products: “…they’ve all gotten so good now that there’s no real major reason to want to change from one technology platform to another… for some company to want to move off PHP to PYTHON there has to be something really compelling about PYTHON or something really bad about PHP.”

Check out our video, where we explain our “theory” and drop some hints about what we think the future will ultimately bring…plus catch the (backhanded) nod to RUBY (we should be keeping track of these…). Enjoy!

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