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Top 10 Programming Languages Employers Want?

August 11, 2019

What are the top 10 programming (and coding) languages do employers want?

According to job listings on as of may 16, 2019, we have the top 10 programming and coding languages that will get you hired. That’s right, sometimes the languages you enjoy and frequently use or swear by may not necessarily get you hired, but if you have experience with any of these top ten, you’ll have a job…at least until the end of 2019.

So what are the top ten, you ask? Well, if you’ve been following the VLOG, it’s not really a surprise…
1. Java
2. SQL
3. JavaScript
4. Python
6. CSS
7. C#
8. C++
9. Ruby
10. PHP
Bonus tip: While Java is at the top and you’ll have work for decades with it, Google has announced that they will be using Kotlin (while still offering support for Java) going forward. So, if app development for Android is your thing, ya might wanna look into that.

The VLOG goes into way better detail regarding the rankings, and of course, what would a VLOG be without some nice shots at Ruby for the #9 ranking!

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