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Time To Make The Donuts! You’re Daily Coding Routine…

March 22, 2019

A few tips on how to best structure your daily coding routines. Tips, take breaks, and do some exercise.

For those of us old enough to remember the actual commercial and not the meme, congratulations! If we were a DnD monster, we’d be “ancient” dragons (color is up to you, of course). But the meaning is the same whether you’re a lvl1 fighter or a living relic that time forgot, sleeping deep in the earth on a hoard of riches… Time to get out there and do the job; which brings us to (in a totally not circuitous way) routines!

Now, there really is no ONE routine to rule them all! (guys, I think I might have an RPG itch to scratch…)
That is to say that different jobs and different individuals have different ways to get things done. For example, maybe you go out for a coffee in the morning to clear your head and then work for 3-4 hours, then lunch, a hangout/workout and then back to the grind for another 1-3 hours, etc.
However, maybe like most people, you grit your teeth for 8-12 hours of punching it out and then you’re done and gone to whatever else you’re heart desires (which by then is probably eating/drink/sleep with variations in between).

Look we’re not gonna pretend to tell you how to live your life, you do you, playa! …BUT… “we know from psychology that there are periods of peak productivity…and depending on the individual, your peak productivity in terms of mental efficiency is 3-4 hours. So it’s good to give your brain a rest…the data shows that the quality of your output [goes down], because your brain needs a rest.”

Check the vid to see and example of my daily routine and some (admittedly biased) helpful advice on changing up your routine to stimulate some other senses and keep your brain healthy and relaxed so you can do your best work. After all, if you’re burnt out, you get zero work done. Enjoy!

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