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November 19, 2019

Getting into game programming with C# or C++ and talking about the realities…

So, should you learn C++ and C# to get into game programming?
Well, as we’ve explained many times on this BLOG and the VLOG, “learning programming and how to code, regardless of the language, makes no difference really in the end, because if you learn language “A” and you realize there no jobs there, you have the opportunity to quickly and easily go to language “B”, “C”, “D”, or “E” -it isn’t a big deal. The only time you shouldn’t be concentrating on a programming language of course, is RUBY…” <BOOM!!> RUBY joke [gotta have at least one, where we can].
“…yeah, even RUBY, there’s lots of work out there for RUBY developers: Rails. And even if you end up not using RUBY, you’ll probably end up learning Python, and knowing RUBY will make learning Python pretty easy.”

But with that out of the way, let’s talk about ‘fun’ and what is ‘perceived as fun‘. “Any industry -any type of job that people perceive as fun- it will drive up competition -because a lot more people are going to be involved, and then employers know that it’s perceived as fun, so they’re going to be able to adjust their work environment -meaning it could be tougher and lower to pay- this is not uncommon, it’s not just with programming, it’s with any industry. If you look at the film industry for example: actors will be in there 10 hour days, 18 hour days and unless you’re a star you’re not making anything -it could be rough.
On the flip side, you look at professions like plumber, which is perceived as ‘dirty work‘, because it’s not perceived as glamorous and fun plumbers make a ton of money.”
If you don’t believe us (the game industry thing, not the plumbing), google ‘EA workers’, or even just general ‘video game industry workers horror stories’. We’re not trying to steer you away from the video game industry, far from it (someone is going to need to make Borderlands 10: the border-lands-ening, and it’s not going to be me), but like anything else, do your research and ask yourself if this is what you really want to get into. The extreme stories are not the norm by any stretch, but they’re not far off and you should prepare yourself for their eventuality…

The VLOG is worth a little ‘eye validation’, and there’s some sweet MTL scenery at the end. Whatever your dream, keep it alive but don’t get taken advantage of for having it!

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