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Should you Learn C# in 2019?

March 5, 2019

C# is probably Microsoft’s flagship language … is it worth learning 2019?

Well, is it worth learning? “If you want to interact with the Microsoft(MS) stack: …building web-based apps that are going to be interfacing with back-end MS technologies…AND you learn C# if you want to get into game programming with UNITY as an example”

Based around JAVA, this modern language was built by MS to function like JAVA but with some “robust” differences… But enough about that, let’s talk jobs!

There are lot of job opportunities working on .Net architecture (ie: web apps), mostly with big corporations…however most of them will require certification in C#. The good news, if you try it out and decide that C# is not for you, you haven’t wasted your time at all, because “all these modern languages(C#, JAVA, Dart, ,etc.) are based on the same principles [more or less]”. If you’ve learned C#, it’s like 80% transferable, “…you cannot lose when you learn a programming language…”

Check out the VLOG for a more in depth explanation, some wisdom about the game developer experience and a little heart2heart…awww. Enjoy!

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