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August 14, 2019

Should You TAKE the Ruby Job? Also Is Java Dead?

We make fun of Ruby a lot here: 1. because it’s fun and 2. … …okay, it’s just fun really, but a question did come up recently from an individual who was offered a job working with Ruby on Rails. They come from a PHP – Laravel background and while they don’t know how to use Ruby, per se, their potential employer also offered to pay them while they learn it. So the question was do they take the job knowing that the use of Ruby on Rails has diminished or should they look for something else?

Now Ruby aside, we’d like to answer this question in general terms if you ever find yourself in a situation like this and you’re on the fence…
“If you don’t have other work and the job is high paying, why not? …A language or framework does not define you as a programmer… you [just] happen to be using those tools at that particular time”.
Now, specifically regarding Ruby jobs: “…it’s not gonna disappear over night and in fact we’ll probably see Ruby development for the next five years, at least, so …you do that for one year, two years, 3 years; what have you…”

Another question we’ve been getting recently is if Java is dead? With Google making the switch to Kotlin for app development and Oracle charging for Java licensing, what will be happening to Java jobs?
“Does that mean the whole Java-Android development is going to collapse overnight? Probably not: it won’t, it’ll probably take a couple of years.”
That being said, “if you’re writing code for your android app using Java, you’ll be able to transition into Kotlin very, very quickly.”

Check out the VLOG for a more sensible and detailed answers to these questions, and remember, “you cannot lose learning any programming language.”

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