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Preparing to Move Abroad as a Developer

June 19, 2019

People are people and people move around. And historically speaking, we do it a lot; sometimes for good reasons and unfortunately sometimes for tragic reasons…
But for whatever reason you’ve decided to move abroad as a developer, here are the two things you’re going to need:

1- Assets: That is to say skill sets (technically speaking it’s what you can actually do) and “soft” skills (how you can communicate with people).
2- Reputation: Literally your online reputation. “You want to start building a profile so that people can evaluate who you are.” Most countries have a “merit” based system, which means you have to show the work you’ve done and are capable of doing in the country you’re applying to get into.

Bonus Points:
-If english is a second language for you, you might consider polishing up on it (getting better), because english is the international business language and it would be advantageous for going abroad.
-In regards to “reputation”, when building your profile, please be professional. Keep religion, politics and most personal opinions to yourself; stick to your skill set/soft skills, etc.

Checkout our vlog for a more detailed and nuanced dive into the subject. Feel free to checkout our links below to some great courses to “polish up on”.
Safe travels!

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